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Shipping Instructions (Shipping a Product for Repair)

When returning a product for repair, follow these protocols exactly.

  • Make sure you have approval for your repair. We ask that you first submit a Request for Assistance. This is usually followed by a series of support emails. Then if at some point we ask you to send us your product for repair, that means you have approval to ship.
  • For all repairs shipping costs, both ways, are the customer's responsibility. To facilitate a faster turn-around time, we suggest you include a return-shipping label in your box.
  • The most secure way to ship is to pack your product up in its original product box and then place that into a sturdy shipping box. If you don't have the original product box, wrap the product well in lots of bubble wrap and then place that into a sturdy shipping box.
  • If your product is delicate, we suggest that you make sure there are at least 2" of packing peanuts (or similar packing) around all 6 sides of the product box. Also, fill the shipping box to the brim with packing material.
  • If your product is a water ionizer, see instructions, below, for more details about how to ship safely.
  • Your shipment should be insured (both ways) if you want the best protection. We do not take responsibility for any damages during shipment either way. This is optional.
  • Ship to: Alkaline Water Plus, 49 Raintree Ct., Fenton, MO   63026.
  • Do not require a signature. Our receiving area is secure. [Contact us for alternate shipping destination if you insist upon a signature. A $6 fee will be assessed in this event.]
  • Once shipped, please send us the tracking #, so we can follow it.

Getting a Water Ionizer Ready to Ship for Repair

  1. Turn water ionizer off & unplug it.
  2. Open the water flow-control valve to full on position to release the pressure in the machine.
  3. Blow through spout to force extra water out of machine.
  4. Unhook water input/output hoses from bottom of machine. See the video at the bottom of this page if you don't know how to safely remove the water input hose.
  5. Unscrew spout from the machine
  6. Put plugs on every port where you removed a hose or the spout. [Note: There were plugs that came with your machine - use those. It's important that each port gets plugged properly so water doesn't come out of the machine during shipping and damage it. If you don't have these plugs, please contact us to purchase more plugs. You may not ship without the right plugs.]
  7. Either place the large plastic bag that came with the ionizer over it and place it into the product box or wrap it well with bubble wrap before placing it in the shipping box.
  8. Always ship in a sturdy shipping box, never in the product box only.

Re: Getting a water ionizer ready to ship.

Please watch this short video about quick-connects before you try to remove your water ionizer from the water supply.