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Shipping Instructions (Shipping a Product for Repair)

When returning a product for repair, follow these protocols exactly.

  • Make sure you have approval for your repair. We ask that you first submit a Request for Assistance. This is usually followed by a series of support emails. Then if at some point we ask you to send us your product for repair, that means you have approval to ship.
  • For all repairs shipping costs, both ways, are the customer's responsibility. To facilitate a faster turn-around time, we suggest you include a return-shipping label in your box.
  • The most secure way to ship is to pack your product up in its original product box and then place that into a sturdy shipping box. If you don't have the original product box, wrap the product well in lots of bubble wrap and then place that into a sturdy shipping box.
  • If your product is delicate, we suggest that you make sure there are at least 2" of packing peanuts (or similar packing) around all 6 sides of the product box. Also, fill the shipping box to the brim with packing material.
  • If your product is a water ionizer, see instructions, below, for more details about how to ship safely.

Getting a Water Ionizer Ready to Ship for Repair

Shipping the Water Ionizer

  • Always ship in a sturdy shipping box, never in the product box only. The shipping box should be large enough to put packing material around the water ionizer box (which protects it during shipping)
  • Put a return-shipping label in the box before closing up the top.
  • Your shipment should be insured (both ways) if you want the best protection. We do not take responsibility for any damages during shipment either way. This is optional.
  • Ship to: Alkaline Water Plus, 49 Raintree Ct., Fenton, MO   63026.
  • Do not require a signature. Our receiving area is secure. [Contact us for alternate shipping destination if you insist upon a signature. A $6 fee will be assessed in this event.]
  • Once shipped, please send us the tracking #, so we can follow it.

Note: If you have trouble removing your hoses...

Please watch this short video about quick-connects before you try to remove your water ionizer from the water supply.