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Products We Don't Sell & Why

I'm listing out, in alphabetical order, the various products we don't sell, along with details of why we don't sell them.

AirWaterLife Water Ionizers

These water ionizers are made in China, and from our testing we can see they do not get quite as good results as our other, similarly-priced, water ionizers. The AirWaterLife machines are also made of cheap materials in our opinion.


Alive Water Ionizers

These are the same as AirWaterLife, above.

Alka Pod

I used to sell the Alka Pod, but once I started testing all of my products vigorously I found that the Alka Pod was barely functional as a portable water ionizer. The only thing it had going for it was the fact it was stainless steel and had all-natural filter media. However it simply did very little to ionize the water and it took a far longer time to let it sit in the container [shaking it periodically] than what the advertising lead you to believe.

Ayana Water Ionizers

Ayana is a Canadian company importing their water ionizers from Taiwan. They're a new company with a new brand. We considered selling them, but after extensive testing we were unhappy with the results.


Bawell Water Ionizers

These water ionizers are made in China and from our testing and it's not clear that we should trust the manufacturer. In our testing we can see they do not get very good results.

Bottled Water

For most people bottled water is a very bad idea. If your municipality provides you with clean water it is far better to filter it yourself than it is to buy bottled water. Businesses should be encouraged to provide filtered water for their employees as well.

All of my testing of bottled water shows it to be inferior to filtered, ionized, and even  tap water. See my full page devoted to Analyzing & Comparing Bottled Water.

Don't buy ionized water in bottles either. We don't recommend you buy ionized water to store in bottles and drink in a day or two. It loses its properties pretty quickly especially if stored in plastic and should be drunk fresh or within a day of pouring if you store it in vacuum stainless bottles.

Chanson Water Ionizers

We worked with Chanson USA for many years, but as new water ionizers got better their water ionizers did not. They are not terrible water ionizers, but don't live up to the quality we now have available to us. This means we no longer offer: the Chanson Miracle water ionizer; Chanson Miracle Max water ionizer; the VS 70 water ionizer, chanson filters; the C3 Prefilter System; chanson Spa shower filter; any of the Chanson replacement filters; G2 Faucet; the Ionizer Armor; The Chanson Miracle Revolution Water Ionizer; and the Chanson Nano Filtration System.

Chinese Water Ionizers

There is not sufficient quality control in China mainland. Because the quality of Chinese electronics, workmanship, materials, platinum, titanium, and filter material are not necessarily reliable we don't recommend Chinese water ionizers of any brand. See more.

Commercial Water Ionizers

We actually do carry US-manufactured commercial water ionizers, but they're not very popular. They start at about $8,000 and go on up to over $20,000 and include only a one-year warranty. These are custom-made, compound systems, with various parts that will need regular maintenance and/or replacement. Because they require a big cash outlay, the perception is that  they are not cost effective, however they can produce a hundred gallons per day and if you make a lot of sales they certainly can be cost effective in reality. They are custom-built and require a contract and wire-transfer to purchase. Contact us if you're interested.

Enagic [Kangen Water] Machines

The kangen water, just like ionized water from many other water ionizers, has great health benefits, but because of our extensive testing we don't regard them as the best. They are the most expensive, but that doesn't equate to best.  From our testing we can see they are high-quality, with as good results as our other water ionizers for the most part, but the exclusivity clause in their contract disallows us to carry other brands. That is the main reason why Alkaline Water Plus does not sell Kangen water ionizers.

Excel Water Ionizers

The Excel water ionizers: IE-300, IE-500 and IE-900 have been upgraded by the manufacturer. The brand name "Excel" remains, but the 3 main ionizers' have had name changes. IE-300 is now discontinued. IE-500 is now MX-55. IE-900 is now MX-99.

H2 Blue Drops for Testing Molecular Hydrogen

We used to sell these drops and they do work to test the presence of molecular hydrogen, but they are extremely unreliable in their results. We were not able to validate the authenticity or reliability of this solution in measuring molecular hydrogen levels.

Hendy Machine

We considered selling the Hendy Machine and tested it, however it did very poorly in our testing.

Hydrogen Stick

I have tested several brands of hydrogen sticks, which sell for up to $70 each and have found them to be nearly worthless. You can see all of my testing here on this page.

Jupiter Water Ionizers

We do still sell the Jupiter Athena (Classic Athena) water ionizer. But many of the other Jupiter Water Ionizers have been discontinued over the years,(and replaced by better models). Discontinued Jupiter Water Ionizers, such as: Jupiter Microlite water ionizer, Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer, Jupiter Orion, and Jupiter Aquarius, were all good water ionizers in my opinion, but I suppose the manufacturer has to focus their energies on the "most popular" models for economy-sake.

KYK Water Ionizers

We used to sell KYK water ionizers mainly because the author of the book "Water for Life" and an influencial scientist & medical doctor in Korea invented the KYK water ionizers originally. Over the years the company and products became corrupted. Too many people were importing KYK water ionizers under various names, such as Water for Life, Ionquench, and KYK and most were going out of business. Frankly the KYK water ionizers didn't do as well as Jupiter water ionizers, Chanson water ionizers, Nexus water ionizers or even Tyent water ionizers, and I was not personally enthusiastic about selling them. The filter-ports were difficult to work with, because of a tiny wire that had to be re-connected by hand each time you changed the filter. When the importers, one after the other, became unstable, I decided to no longer sell the KYK water ionizers.

Life Water Ionizers

We do not trust the Life Ionizers company and therefore do not trust their products. Also, we recently tested one of their new, "advanced" water ionizers, the M7, and found it to be inferior to most water ionizers I've ever tested.

PH Miracle Water Ionizer

The PH Miracle water ionizer is basically the same as Chanson Water ionizers, above; just sold under a different brand name.

Real Spirit USA Water Ionizers

This is the company that makes Aqua Ionizer Deluxe, or Alive water ionizrs. See the AirWaterLife section, above, or see "Chinese Water Ionizers" for reasons why we don't sell Real Spirit, AirWaterLife,

Tyent Water Ionizers

We used to sell Tyent, and their ionizers were not bad, but had objections to a few things that Tyent did. For instance they were constantly increasing the number of plates and watts of power to their plates. We feel this practice is potentially unsafe, but also we were surprised at the lack of improvement to the pH and ORP of the ionized water these "powerful" ionizers were able to do. They were supposedly powerful water ionizers, but in reality were about average in their ability to ionize. Even the 11-plate MMP11 didn't do better in my testing than the original Tyent 7070 water ionizer. In other words, BIGGER was not BETTER. We also objected to their "Water Ionizer of the Year" awards, which are phony, and their many fake water ionizer review sites. You should be warned about the tactics Tyent uses to make customers feel they are getting an exceptional water ionizer at half its normal price. This is a deception, because they always offer about half price.

U-Blue Undersink Water Ionizer

The water cell was unable to withstand the heavy pressure of undersink installation, so we discontinued it.

Venus Water Ionizer

This was a great water ionizer, but got discontinued by the manufacturer.

Several brands of water ionizers are sub-standard: either made by small and unknown manufacturers or who seem to have several things to hide about themselves. I usually will to my due-diligence to find out as much about a brand of water ionizers that I can before I sell that brand. Then again if I start selling a brand, but then later find there are some issues with the products or company that cannot be reconciled, we of course would part ways. Here are some issues that would disqualify a brand from getting my support:

  • If I can tell the company is using any kind of deceit in their business. 
  • If the research and development team appears to be led by profit rather than safety.
  • If the methods of used in water ionizer construction appear to be unsafe, or if I can't validate that they are safe. (This includes cases where the company doesn't answer my questions about their safety and certificates.)

About the Water Ionizer Brands We No Longer Carry:

Without using names, I'll try to describe some of the issues with water ionizer brands we have come across over the years.

  1. Companies who keep boosting the power and plates of residential water ionizers. Water ionizers are tested and safe to use between 100 and 200 watts and with 5 - 9 plates. They start getting either 1) unsafe to use or 2) ineffective for normal residential purposes after that.  Here is an article explaining the electronics and plates issue with water ionizers. The fact is we have tested all kinds of water ionizers; all sizes, all major brands of water ionizers; and all power-levels. We have found much more truth in testing them then we were able to find in asking the manufacturers of those brands of water ionizers. All brand-owners will boast about why there brand is best, but for us to function we actually needed to sift through all of that and get to the facts. Testing and comparing was the only way it could be done.
  2. Companies who use deceitful methods in promoting their brand of water ionizers. This includes companies who have several websites that they use to build up their reputation in a false and mis-leading way. One particular company has one of their websites give their water ionizer brand "water ionizer of the year" awards.
  3. One particular particular company tried to stop Alkaline Water Plus at every turn from testing their water ionizers. Their concerns about our publicly sharing any test results about their water ionizer brand got so serious that they contacted us to cease any public sharing of any testing whatsoever. Obviously that was a serious red flag about the company. I then tried to just visit them and privately test their ionizers (without sharing the results) but they refused even this. In the meantime the company continuously kept boasting about how they were better because they used more plates, watts, etc. It was very frustrating and I didn't trust anything about them at that point. Prior to that point, the only testing I had seen for that water ionizer brand at the time was testing done by a PHD scientist and his team at Silver State Laboratory in Nevada. The scientist was commissioned to perform several independent tests of several water ionizers and was no way influenced by any bias. Theirs was the only water ionizer brand that did poorly in that testing of all the major brands of water ionizers. Another problem with the company was that they owned several websites and used them to build a false impression of their brand's size and importance. Had the company been honest and straight to begin with I may have still left them, because when I eventually did test their brand of water ionizers I found it to be in fact inferior. 
  4. Another situation we run into with a lot of brands of water ionizers is the company saying their products are on sale when they really are always offered at that price. As an example, one brand of water ionizers says the regular price of a particular machine is $4995 but now for a limited time it is being offered at a sale price that is $1500 lower: $3495. This is actually a type of fraud. The Federal Trade Commission calls this DECEPTIVE PRICING, and it's illegal.