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Tyent Water Ionizers

Tyent Water Ionizers and Tyent Filters

Tyent water ionizers and Tyent filters are about average, but in the last few years they've pushed the size or quantity of plates, along with watts, to dangerously high levels.  Tyent water ionizer machines, themselves, are designed by an engineering firm relatively new to the water ionizer industry. The most experienced water ionizer companies, who have been engineering and designing water ionizers for over three decades, know that rash changes in plate size, plate count and watts are unsafe, unwise and poor engineering. These larger, and more experienced, companies have dozens of engineers employed, not just one or a few, and years of experience, not just one or a few. They also work with lots of electronics, computers, TVs, phones, etc. They are not start-up companies. They know what they're doing, and they work tirelessly in the direction of more efficiency, not more power.

On the contrary, the Tyent engineer(s) don't try to efficiently use electronics, rather they continue to add more plates to their water ionizers due to popular demand. [I should also say Lifeionizers does the same thing - they are very similar types of companies.] It takes years of research and development and lots of dollars to develop an efficient water cell that continuously cleans the plates as the water is ionized, as some of the bigger companies have done.

To make an analagy, you can put 3, 5 or even seven 100-watt light bulbs into a single lamp, but you can't keep adding 100-watt light bulbs to a 110-volt lamp without coming to a point where with each added light bulb it's becoming more unsafe. It's more efficient and safer to re-design the light bulb to put out more light using less watts. In testing/comparing lamps I would not conclude that the more bulbs and watts used made a better product at all. I would have to go with the lamp which produced the amount of light I wanted in the safest, and most efficient way. Then, secondary to that, the appearance, size, price and other fundtionality of it would be important too.

The statistics are clear that bigger is not better in anything electronic. The Tyent water ionizer engineers keep on pushing their product development in the opposite direction of efficiency. They are trying to make people think that because they have the biggest machine with the most watts, that they therefore have the best water ionizer. Actual field-testing, has shown over and over that this theory is not true. In fact, excessive use of plates and watts in one machine is possibly unsafe. 

The Tyent 7070 water ionizer was a fine machine, but then the Tyent 9090 came out and took over in popularity. Why? Because it had more plates and watts. The perception of customers is that bigger is better, regardless of what statistics tell you. In all my testing I didn't find this to be the case at all; bigger was not better. Tyent water ionizers weren't particularly the best with their 7070 water ionizer, but it was a good one. Their 9090 water ionizer and their MMP11 water ionizers offered no improvement in performance over the 7070 water ionizer, however the prices were considerably higher and the risks greater. Here's one example of the many tests I've done: https://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/blog/tyent-mmp11-vs-enagic-water-ionizers/ This, really in a nutshell is why Tyent water ionizers are no longer one of the brands we sell.

Also within the Tyent water ionizer company there is an enormous amount of sales-hype and underhanded dealings [i.e., fake water ionizer of the year awards, inflated-priced machines that are always on sale, "free gift" packages that are always part of their inflated pricing plans]. Then if you call them you'll find out that they'll even take up to 50% off of their current sale price if you ask for it. This shows the true value of the Tyent water ionizers to be extremely low.

Why we no longer sell Tyent Water Ionizers or other Tyent products, such as Tyent filters, Ionquench filters, Soft Water Buddy and H2Go portable ionizers and filters is a bit complicated. While we liked the Tyent 7070 water ionizer machines we didn't particularly think they were the best. We could see very little difference between the Tyent 7070 and the Tyent 9090. Then when the Tyent MMP-11 came out we also could see very little difference. However, behind the scenes, we were concerned about the drastic increases in plates and watts being placed into one machine. We now advise against the Tyent water ionizers altogether, and we no longer sell the Tyent water ionizers or any Tyent products.