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The Ayana Vitalizer Water Ionizer

The Ayana Vitalizer Water Ionizer

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The Ayana Vitalizer Water Ionizer

I spent a good deal of time testing and evaluating the Ayana Vitalizer water ionizer, also known as the Verunizer, a few weeks ago.  I was hoping Ayan Water was good enough to justify me import them from Canada. I have to say I was disappointed with the performance of the Verunizer.  The company advertises well, and their site is quite convincing that their water ionizer’s unique water cell is better than the other models. I can’t tell you how many companies have claimed to be outstanding, though, when they simply aren’t. I have learned that it’s practically a certainty that companies will tend to exaggerate their products’ effectiveness.

I am always willing to sell a new product, by all means, but I’ve learned to test everything before I do. That is one of the things that sets Alkaline Water Plus apart from other water ionizer companies.

You can see me testing the Ayana Vitalizer in the following two videos. One of the claims of the Ayana company was that the Ayana Vitalizer had a sodium port and so when using that function one could get the strongest pH-range possible. Knowing that adding sodium to the water will strengthen the ionization levels [creating a higher pH for de-greasing and a lower pH for killing germs], I thought this would work. I was excited to try it, but extremely disappointed with the results. I even called and emailed the Ayan Water company several times, trying to trouble-shoot the “cleaning-level” of ionization, but after hours of trials it still produced poor results.

Ayana Water Vitalizer PH ORP
Level 1 9.8 -235
Level 2 10.2 -501
Level 3 10.4 -552
Level 4 10.5 -529
Acidic Water 3.4
Strongest [Using Sodium] 10.5        3.4
Tap 9.5

Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

My background is in physiology, teaching, nutrition and weight loss. I have raised 5 children who are all grown now. I have a masters degree in education and was a teacher/principal for 24 years. I created Alkaline Water Plus in 2009 to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER, and I've been in perfect health ever since I started drinking ionized water 25 years ago! Understanding and knowing how to control and manage my own body's pH and antioxidant levels at the cellular level has made all the difference in the world in my life, my family's lives and in a countless number of my friends and associates over the years.

Cathie LoGrasso Owner, Alkaline Water Plus

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