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How Healthy is the Calcium in Your Ionized Water?

Ionized water contains a good supply of dietary calcium. Ionized water has more calcium than your tap water does, because calcium is alkaline and will be in greater concentration coming out of the alkaline spout of a water ionizer. Theoretically, the calcium in ionized water, with its negative charge [antioxidants & micro-clustering] will absorb into your tissues and cells better than the calcium in tap water. Thus, when you drink alkaline ionized water you are getting the additional health benefits of added calcium, potassium and magnesium in your diet.

What are the health benefits of calcium in alkaline ionized water?

I have gotten this question regarding the health benefits of calcium in alkaline ionized water in one form or another many times. I'd like to address it here:

The first thing to know is that usually calcium is dissolved into the structure of the water molecules so well that you can't always see it. However if you spray water that has dissolved calcium in it onto a glass surface, for instance, you will see a white residue that is left there if your water contains a fair amount of calcium. Or, if you boil it you may see a white residue on the bottom of the pot.

Calcium is very healthy for you.

Calcium is actually healthy for you to have in your water. This is not just me saying this, but the World Health Organization [and other scientific organizations] have published many reports which state this very thing. Hard water has a positive influence on cardio-vascular health, liver health and other health. Their reports cite various studies which have been done all over the world regarding this.

The conclusion is that the softer the water, the more void of calcium and other important minerals, the higher the death rate. 

Is it possible to get too much calcium in alkaline ionized water?

The amount of calcium you will get via alkaline ionized water will be insignificant compared to what you'd get in a calcium tablet. People who take tablets and tablets of calcium daily would possibly come to a point where they were taking too much calcium, but the small amount of calcium in alkaline ionized water is not a problem at all. This question has been studied thoroughly and there are no known adverse effects of calcium consumption even in the hardest water. Plus, as the studies, cited above, show, calcium disolved in your water is obviously healthy since it appears to be associated with extended average life expectancies.

Check your alkaline setting, though, on your water ionizer and, for drinking, don't set it too high. The ideal alkalinity for alkaline ionized water is 8.5 to 10 pH. Setting your water ionizer too high will make your alkaline ionized water have more minerals in it and that may make it taste less desirable to you (although I like the taste myself). It also may be too alkaline for the most efficient entry into your body. Here's a link to a page describing the proper pH for consumption...and why: Digestion