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Shipping Instructions (Return of New Product for Refund)


This page is dedicated to giving you shipping instructions in the event you are returning an item for refund. Make sure to receive our shipping-authorization prior to any shipping, or we will not accept your package.  


  • Make sure you qualify (eg., are within your 10-days and the product is like-new)
  • Please make sure that the product is fully like-new (and you have everything it came with.)
  • Make sure you have gotten approval for the return. Fill out first the Request for Assistance form for this approval.
  • Note: If your product was sold to you as a "final" sale, it is not qualified for return for refund.
  • Note: If your product is not LIKE-NEW it is not qualified for return for refund.
  • After approval, come back to this page to get instructions for shipping. 
  • Make sure to package your item with care (following our protocols for that product). Rule of thumb: package it up in the same way you received it. If your product is a water ionizer, follow the additional instructions, below.
  • All refunds are subject to the following: 1) There will be minimally a 5% restocking fee, 2) The original cost of shipping to you is also deducted, and 3) It needs to be received in like-new condition.

Shipping of Electric Water Ionizers for Returns/Refunds

If you want to ship an electric water ionizer for return or refund you may only do this within your 60-day satisfaction period. If it is past that time, you will not receive authorization for this. You should address your issue, instead, as a Request for Assistance and repair.

If you are within your 60-days, you must first fill out first the Request for Assistance form and then come back to this page once you have authorization to ship.

Getting Your Water Ionizer Ready to Ship

Before you ship your ionizer for a refund, make sure you can follow these instructions for safely shipping your water ionizer. Unsafe shipping may void your warranty, so use diligence to follow these instructions carefully.  

  1. Make sure you still have all the pieces, plugs and packaging.
  2. Turn water ionizer off & unplug it.
  3. Open the water flow-control valve to full on position to release the pressure in the machine.
  4. Blow through spout to force extra water out of machine.
  5. Unhook water input/output hoses from bottom of machine. See the video at the bottom of this page if you don't know how to safely remove the water input hose.
  6. Unscrew spout from the machine
  7. Put plugs on every port where you removed a hose or the spout. [Note: There were plugs that came with your machine - use those. It's important that each port gets plugged properly so water doesn't come out of the machine during shipping and damage it. If you don't have these plugs, please contact us to purchase more plugs. You may not ship without the right plugs.]
  8. Dry out the hoses and any other accessories and place them all in a large zip-lock bag. [Air-dry for a few days.]
  9. Place the large plastic bag that came with the ionizer over it from top to bottom. Tuck it in at the bottom and place it into the product box (making sure that if there is form-fitted bottom foam piece, that it goes in the right way to match that.] Watch out for the cord. It should be situated behind the ionizer in the box. [Note: If the ionizer came with a top foam-fitted piece, make sure to align that to fit the top of the ionizer shape.]
  10. You must have the original product-box, or your return will not be authorized. Do not tape, write on or in any other way alter the product, product-box, or the product manual.
  11. Place the manual in a separate plastic bag to ensure it doesn't get wet from the hoses or fittings. 
  12. Place the fully boxed machine into a sturdy shipping box. If the hoses and accessories don't fit into the product box, don't force them. Just place their bag into the shipping box along with the product box.
  13. If you received "free" items with your trial, these must also be included in the box.
  14. Do not mark the shipping box. You may add a note inside the box if you want (to identify yourself).

Other Notes About Returns for Refund

  1. No returns are allowed if it looks used in any way.
  2. Pack up the product in the exact way you got it.
  3. There must be no pieces missing (not even plastic protective coverings or twist-ties), no bottles opened and no filters used.
  4. Make sure nothing is wet.
  5. Include the manual. The manual cannot have any writing on it.
  6. You must have the original product box. Without the product box a refund is not possible.
  7. Close the product box, but do not write on the box or tape it.
  8. Place the product box in a sturdy shipping box.

Re: Getting a water ionizer ready to ship.

Please watch this short video about quick-connects before you try to remove your water ionizer from the water supply.