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Why Buy Alkaline Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers produce the healthiest, most bio-available alkaline water. This water is both alkalizing to the body (which rids it of toxins) and fights free-radicals. These are two very effective, health benefits of ionized water.

The alkaline filter systems we sell are exceptional. You can remove fluoride and all the other toxins from your tap water. Get the best purified water with a pH that's good for you with the flip of a knob.

Other benefits: You can cook. clean and even kill germs with alkaline ion water and the acid water byproduct.

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We offer the best alkaline water systems and the best deals possible on our water ionizers. Guaranteed! We offer you genuine 60-Day customer satisfaction guarantees. At Alkaline Water Plus also get precise, accurate water ionizer comparisons and hundreds of valuable articles.

We clearly teach the many ways and reasons of how to get alkaline water with high quality enhanced alkaline minerals.

Our water ionizers and alkaline water filters are best and comparisons and articles are accurate.



Drinking alkaline water really does work. Doctors & experts alike can attest to the differences alkaline water has made. There are no side effects. Loads of everyday people, like you and me, see the benefits for bone health, kidney disease, acid reflux and much more.


Not many companies can offer up a guarantee like we can at Alkaline Water Plus. We strive to offer the lowest prices without compromising the quality of our products. We want our customers to be happy with their water ionizer purchase, that's why we offer a 60-day return policy on our best machines.

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