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Terms & Conditions

60-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for Electric Water Ionizers

Please see  60-Day Trial

Flexible Payment Options - Pay-Plans

Please see Pay-Plans for water ionizer purchases. Payplans are not available on international orders and only apply to electric water ioniers (not Hydrogen Machines).

Free U.S. Shipping for Electric Water Ionizers

Your shipping costs are waived for all water ionizer orders [this includes the entire order when your order contains a water ionizer]. Please see  Shipping/Returns

International Payment Options, Terms & Conditions:

Please see  Shipping/Returns

In the Event of Damaged or Missing Items:

Please see  Shipping/Returns

Portable Water Ionizers

Neither portable water ionizers [non-electric] nor Hydrogen Machines qualify for free shipping unless they are purchased with a regular water ionizer. 

Privacy Policy

Our assurance to you is that we will never use your personal information, such as name, email address, or any other information for any reason other than to communicate with you. Please read more about our privacy policy.

Return Policy:

Please see  Shipping/Returns

Reviews, Testimonials and Forum Postings

If you leave a review or testimonial in one of our forums, please be patient. These do not automatically appear on the page. They have to go through an authentication process. If they are spam, they will not be allowed. If you prefer, you can send your testimonials or reviews to support@alkalinewaterplus.com for faster publication.

Shipping Charges for Other Products

Please see  Shipping/Returns

Warranties & Guarantees

All of our products are guaranteed to be free of defects. Products are examined before being shipped to you, but in the event your product arrives with a defect it will be replaced free of charge. Please see Our Guarantees.

Customizing Water Ionizer Purchases, Policies, Terms and Conditions

You can make changes or special requests regarding your order in the "Comments" section of the order form. We honor all reasonable requests, and unless we contact you otherwise any comments you make in the order form become officially part of your order. This is all part of our special commitment to excellent servicing to our customers. Our customer service is very fast, and you can expect to receive a fast reply if we cannot honor your special request.

All Water-Ionizer Customers Please Read:

We have many pages in this website designed to help you make the right choices for your water ionizer and that includes proper filtration as well. If you have well-water, very hard water, very soft water, a whole-house water softener, or another specific water-source issue, please read the appropriate page(s) listed below for your convenience before you order. Or contact us for a free water quality consultation.