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Remineralizer for RO or Soft Water Areas: Canister Style

Usually ships in 24 hours.

Our calcium re-mineralization cartridge contains only pure calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide blended in a perfect configuration with some added GAC carbon to ensure no fusing of the minerals.

The remineralizer Kit consists of a single housing plus remineralizer cartridge [1/4 inch food-grade hosing not included]. You just plug this into your input hose [cut hose where desired and push the two ends of the line into either end of the housing]. The housing is fitted with 1/4 inch quick-connect fittings.

Capacity: Up to 6 months or 1,000 gallons [possibly more] ...test the water when you think the time is close to change. If your ionizer is still working well, the remineralizer is still providing sufficient minerals.

In areas where there are low levels of naturally occurring minerals, or after a reverse osmosis system, extra minerals are needed.The water experts at AlkaViva have created systems and products to take advantage of the best of R/O – virtually contaminant free water - by installing it before the ionizer. AlkaViva has perfected re-mineralization technologies to add a healthy blend of minerals to the water before ionization.