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In-Line Remineralizer for RO or Soft Water Areas


Our in-line calcium re-mineralization cartridge contains mostly calcium, calcite, and coconut shell carbon to make your soft water (or RO or Distilled water) perfect for ionization. It can be used in areas where there are low levels of naturally occurring minerals, or when you are using a reverse osmosis system.

The two ends of the filter have 1/4-inch quick-connect fittings for easy do-it-yourself installation.  

If you're using the in-line remineralizer with reverse osmosis [RO] it is best to place it after the membrane and before the tank. This way the water is passing through it at the slowest pace [for maximum remineralization].

Capacity: Up to 1,000 gallons or 6 months [possibly more] ...test the water when you think the time is close to change. If your ionizer is still working well, the remineralizer is still providing sufficient minerals.

Note: Without an ionizer the remineralizer by itself will change TDS, but not change the pH measurably unless you have a water ionizer. The reason that an ionizer will work to change the pH of the RO water, once a remineralizer is added, is that an ionizer generates Hydrogen gas at the cathode (increasing both the pH and antioxidant-levels and making it extremely healthy and healing water).  It also concentrates whatever alkaline minerals are in the water into the alkaline water stream and makes them bio-available with a negative charge. Read more about the health benefits of Hydrogen gas.