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John Ellis Water

You can buy the John Ellis Water in bulk or buy the John Ellis E5 Machine. Either way it is healthy water.

The John Ellis E5 Living Water machine is a special, one-of-a-kind, water distiller, which changes the bond angle of the water.

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About John Ellis Water

  • The John Ellis Living Water E5 machine transforms water to have a much larger hydrogen bond angle (114 degrees). [Note: The normal hydrogen bond angle in water is 104 degrees, but it is theorized that before the age of industry and pollution normal water had a wider bond angle than it does today.] 
  • The wider hydrogen bond angle in John Ellis water has been found to contribute to greater amounts of energy to the cells, increase blood flow, decrease swelling in the body, and it has anti-radiation (theoretically cancer-prevention) properties.
  • Changing the bond angle is done by rapidly heating & cooling the water in the side chamber (3 x per minute).  
  • Ordinary distilled water is not healthy for you. A normal distiller will reduce the hydrogen bond angle of water to about 101 degrees (making it worse for the body than regular tap water). Normal distillers do not do this rapid heating/cooling cycle at all, and their normal single-heating-cycle reduces the bond angle of the hydrogen in the water. As a matter of fact, John Ellis warns people about the dangers of drinking normal distilled water for this reason.
  • The John Ellis machine is the only machine that can make a permanent change (for the better) to the hydrogen bond angle of water.
  • The new bond angle will not revert back to its old 104-degree angle.
  • The hydrogen bond angle of John Ellis water was measured by scientists at Los Alamos Nuclear Lab with their "scanning electron microscope"; and then Dr. Guy Abraham (famous medical researcher who was studying water at the time) measured it again, because he couldn't believe that the John Ellis water machine actually changed the hydrogen bond angle of water, for the better, until he saw it for himself. [More about this below.]
  • The John Ellis Living Water machine makes the only, actually proven, physically restructured water there is on the planet. Regardless of what other companies may claim, the accomplishment of a hydrogen bond angle change has not been done before or since this invention by John Ellis.
  • With John Ellis water, not only is the distilled water restructured, but also the run-off water is restructured water (with the new 114-degree hydrogen bond angle). The reason why is that the John Ellis machine takes water through the process of rapid heating/cooling hundreds of times per hour, which John Ellis identifies as the source of the bond angle change. All of the water (in the pot and in the run-off water) is subject to this rapid heating/cooling process, so it all has the increased bond angle.
  • The distilled John Ellis water has a pH of about 4 and the runoff water has a more drinkable pH of close to whatever your source water pH is.

Some people compare John Ellis water as being similar to hydrogen water or ionized water. It is not. All forms of John Ellis water have zero free-hydrogen antioxidants, and so, any claims that the medical research on the use of hydrogen water with patients or with animal studies would not apply to John Ellis water. Any theorizing about it would just be that, theorizing.

John Ellis water has been studied though, and in and of its own right, it has been shown it to be healing water too. For instance one can pour this water (either the distilled or the runoff John Ellis water) into a soured well and rejuvenate it. This has also worked for pools, spas, septic tanks, and local pond water or lagoon issues.

The Dole company is one of several manufacturers who have used John Ellis water and found it to be very effective in killing off mold spores. John Ellis water has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and even anti-radiation functions in the body, food, and in the environment.  

People who mix John Ellis water in with their drinking water have claimed to be healed of a variety of conditions, including cancer.  John Ellis, himself, developed his machine in order to create healing water for himself, and he in fact cured himself of several tumors on his head and neck.

An interesting and fortunate thing about John Ellis water is that it has a cascading effect when mixed with other water. A small amount of John Ellis water (distilled or run-off water), added to any other water, has been shown to transform that water to have the new 114-degree hydrogen bond angle. [Note: John says you must stir it and give it some time (minutes, hours or days. depending on batch size) to make the transformation. The proportion recommended to do this is about 30 drops of John Ellis water to an 8-ounce glass of other water or 2 ounces per gallon.]

John Ellis Living Water Machine: Patented Process

The John Ellis E5 and all of the John Ellis Living Water Machines have a patented process of boiling/cooling the water in the special side chamber 3 times per minute. This rapid heating/cooling of water is based on theoretical principles (which John Ellis studied in his engineering training) which had never before been put to practical application. It is quite a unique invention, and no other machine has ever been built to actually achieve the "perfect hydrogen bond angle" in water that others had only theorized. 


What Does it mean "No returns. Sales are Final"?

The John Ellis policy is "No returns." We guarantee you will get a brand new, perfectly working John Ellis machine, and if you don't the manufacturer with make sure you do. However, there is no trial period or "satisfaction guarantee" for either the John Ellis machine or the John Ellis water. This page very clearly and accurately describes all details to you about the John Ellis machine in the hopes that you learn all about it before you buy. 

How to Use John Ellis Water

You can add John Ellis water (either distilled water or John Ellis runoff water) to any filtered water to change the bond angle of the filtered water and restructure it. The instructions are to add about 6-12 ounces of John Ellis water to a five-gallon jug or water dispenser filled with filtered water. Shake by twirling the container around and around in one direction to create a vortex action for about a minute. Let this sit, and wait for at least several minutes or hours (or better yet, a day) so the John Ellis water has a chance to contact (and change) the rest of the water in the container. Make a new batch before you run out, so you don't have to wait next time.

Another possibility of what to do with John Ellis water is to mix it with filtered water (as above) and then process that mixed water with a hydrogen machine (such as the High Rich machine or the HS72 Lourdes Machine) for the extra added benefit of free hydrogen in the water. When you do this you add free hydrogen antioxidants to the restructured water, which I’m guessing will improve the health benefits of the water greater than the sum of its parts.

You can mix more than 30 drops per cup if you want, however studies show that all one needs is the rate of 30 drops per cup to transform the water to have the new bond angle.

How John Ellis Living Water compliments Ionized Water

The benefits of ionized water are so great that I would never suggest someone switch from drinking ionized water to drinking only John Ellis water, However, a person doesn't have to decide between the two machines. John Ellis water can be added to ionized water (from an electric water ionizer) to turn all of ones ionized water into restructured ionized water [30 drops per 8 oz glass]. There may be some added health benefits to doing this.

There is evidence that ionized water is already restructured, after all there is some very rapid heating/cooling that occurs when electricity is shot through the water in the electrolysis process. Ionized water should be tested some day with a tunneling/scanning electron microscope to determine if there is a hydrogen bond angle change that occurs during electrolysis. However, I don't know what the hydrogen bond angle of ionized water is until such testing is done. I asked John Ellis about how one would go about measuring the hydrogen bond angle of a water sample, and he said: "The microscopes used in his case (which are powerful enough to measure hydrogen bond angles) are only found at top level government labs and a very small handful of private ones." I guess I will not be measuring the hydrogen bond angle of ionized water anytime soon. My guess is it's larger than tap water, but smaller than John Ellis water (maybe 108-degrees). 

So, to compensate for the bond-angle difference, what I do is: I  add a small amount of John Ellis water to my ionized water, especially if I am putting in vacuum-stainless bottles to drink later. The only way to store ionized water without losing the valuable hydrogen antioxidants is to use a special kind of vacuum stainless bottles. A few hours of waiting will be plenty of time for the wider-bond-angle water to spread to the other water and change it to have the new bond angle too.

For variety, I also put John Ellis distilled water into my hydrogen water machine, and create hydrogen-water with it. It's quite a refreshing drink. I do this just for variety, and do not advise to do this exclusively, because at least in my case it would tend to off-balance the pH of the body (too acidic).

When to Buy a John Ellis Living Water Machine vs. Just Buy the John Ellis Water?

If you drink a lot of water and are handy with equipment, then you might benefit from purchasing the John Ellis E5 machine. However, John Ellis water can be purchased by itself (without a machine), if you don’t want the hassle of making it yourself.

At Alkaline Water Plus we filter the water with UltraWater filtration prior to distilling it in the John Ellis machine. The added advantage is that the UltraWater filters remove all pharmaceuticals, fluoride and other tricky things that even water distillation does not remove. This makes the highest quality of any other John Ellis water you can buy, anywhere. 

Keep in mind, when you're looking at the price of the water, that it takes about a minute of time for every ounce of John Ellis distilled water you make (about 28 minutes for a 28-ounce mason jar filled with John Ellis distilled water). So, you are paying for many costs: labor, supplies, equipment and utilities. Another thing to keep in mind is that 6-12 ounces of John Ellis distilled water will convert a 5-gallon jug of ordinary filtered water into being John Ellis healing water (i.e., having the new bond angle). Tens of thousands of people have claimed to be healed using water from a well that was treated with a much smaller percentage of John Ellis water to water in the well than this. [See below for the Washington Post article.] 

Buying John Ellis Water

John Ellis water comes in a variety of options and sizes.

There are options for pure energized distilled John Ellis Water, in this case the water has been run through reverse osmosis five times before distilling and energizing it with the John Ellis Machine. The pH of this option is about 6.

The other option is for John Ellis runoff water. In this case the water is purified through several kinds of filters (including UltraWater filters) and then run through the John Ellis machine for the same bond-angle change as the John Ellis distilled water. The pH of this option is about 8. 

How to set up and operate a John Ellis Machine:

Watch this video first. It will help you understand how this John Ellis Living Water machine works, along with many important things to know before, during and after purchasing a John Ellis Living Water Machine.  https://youtu.be/-KWxZmv1KM4

The John Ellis machine is a seriously dangerous machine to operate around children, anyone with diminished intelligence; or anyone who is not good with equipment. You can burn yourself if you don’t use proper caution, also destroy the machine with improper use, and I imagine even burn down the house. Directions come with the machine, but here are some broad directions to give you an idea of it.

  • First rinse out the still (pot) by filling it up with clean water to the top. Scrub the exposed surfaces with a brush or cloth and then empty that water.
  • If you want to use your tap water, hook the diverter up to your faucet
  • Or, you can use a quick-connect (purchased locally) to hook the input water up to your filtered-water supply.
  • You can also manually feed it, but this is particularly difficult to do and you will not likely get uniform results.
  • Now fill the pot up to the middle of the nut with water. (see picture)
  • Set the water feed to flow knob to a vertical position as part of the set up and point the water flow spout directly down. Note: Don't initiate the water flow yet.
  • Plug in the machine. [Warning: Make very sure the pot is filled before you plug it in, or it will most likely burn out the machine and void any warranty rights.]
  • If you want to use the UV lights that come with the machine, plug those in too, and place them very carefully in the holes provided. [Instructions come with the machine for doing all this. Care must be used not to break the bulbs. They will not be replaced for free. 
  • There is a cooling fan that comes with the kit. The rod (fan shaft) should be placed into the pot at the spot marked in the picture, below. Just rest this piece (lid) on the pot evenly. Then plug in the fan to turn it on. Make sure the cord is not touching any part of the John Ellis Machine.  
  • Once the machine heats up you will start to hear the water in the left compartment of the machine boiling (slightly).
  • When the top 1 inch layer of the water in the pot is warm to hot, this is the time to initiate the water flow.
  • After a few minutes of water flow (of the runoff water), if the runoff water is still hot, adjust the overflow rate by turning the flow-knob slightly left.
  • Collect the runoff water in a stainless or glass bin or pot.
  • Don't use plastic ever to collect the overflow water, however you can transfer it to a plastic container after it has cooled.
  • Once you start collecting the overflow water, you should maintain it at warm temperature. Don't let it get too hot.  
  • The distilled water usually comes out cool. It also comes out at the rate of about 4 oz. per gallon of runoff water. If the distilled water is coming out too slow, you can cool off the runoff water a bit to increase the flow of distilled water. Don't cool it too much though. The runoff water should never get cooler than luke-warm. 
  • Check the machine temperature regularly. If the pot feels too hot, increase the water input rate and the overflow rate.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to make about 1-2 gallons of John Ellis runoff water and 1-2 cups of distilled water.
  • Another thing to know is that when you are finished distilling the John Ellis water, the water which is left in the pot, is also just like the runoff water (changed to the 114 degrees bond angle) and is very drinkable.   


  • Never plug in the John Ellis Living Water Machine before it is filled properly with water.
  • Always remove ALL of the water from the machine after you are finished distilling for the day. Lift up the machine and turn it sideways and upside-down to make sure all of the water is out.
  • Store it with all plugs and fittings removed, and covered with a light cloth to allow it to dry out fully without collecting dust.
  • Do not use extension cords of any kind with the John Ellis machine. Plug it directly into a wall socket The cord is 4 ft. in length.

Claims and Testimonials About John Ellis Water

Many of the claims and testimonials I've read about John Ellis Water are very similar to what people and scientists have found about ionized water. It's very interesting to see the similarities about these claims as well as scientific testing, even though the two types of water are so very different. That's one reason why I suspect that the bond angle of ionized water is also changed (only a suspicion at this point though]. To prove such a thing as a hydrogen bond angle change, one would have to use a scanning/tunneling electron microscope of the highest caliber (which only a few exist in the world, and none are for public use).

BioEnergy testing is another way to measure the energy potential of a water sample. The BioEnergy testing I've seen done on ionized water and John Ellis Water shows both (on their own) to have extreme levels of energy-potential, but combined, the potential is exponential. In other words, when a small amount of John Ellis water (about 30 drops per cup) is added to the ionized water, the tests I've seen have more than double the energy potential (greater than the sum of its parts).

Live blood testing is another type of test one can do after the fact of drinking ionized water or John Ellis water. Live blood cell analysis demonstrates that both waters have a very positive effect on the healthy shape and movement of blood cells in live subjects. In other words, drinking both John Ellis Water and ionized water improve the blood flow and the shape and other characteristics of red blood cells.

Both the acidic byproduct water of a water ionizer and the distilled John Ellis water have been tested and shown to kill viruses, mold and bacteria (virtually all microorganisms), and both waters are very good for growing plants.

Washington Post Article: Here's how John Ellis water started getting famous: Back around 1992 Edward Cody of the Washington Post wrote an article about John Ellis water and the impact it was having on a small town in Mexico. A wealthy farm owner in Mexico bought a John Ellis Living Water Machine. He used the water to drink and also to treat the farm's well. One day people noticed that a farm dog that was dying got better immediately after lapping up some of the spilled well-water. The news of this spread around the tiny town, and soon people were coming to the well to get the water. These people were actually getting better, from various ailments.  As time went on, the wealthy farmer brought more machines to pour more and more water into the well and then freely shared all this water out of the well with anyone who came to get it. Finally a Washington Post reporter heard about it and he went down there to Mexico and then wrote an article about it. According to the article, ten thousand people a day were going there for the water, each and every day (conservative estimate). They were standing in long lines, over a mile long. They were swearing by the water and calling it a miracle. It was helping people with all kinds of ailments, from aides to diabetes. Here's a link to the full article.

The Washington Post article inspired scientists, like  Guy Abraham, to study the water to try to discover what was so different about this water and why it has such healing qualities. Other scientists, such as the nuclear engineers at Los Alamos Nuclear Lab, have studied and used the water (successfully) as well, and validated the fact that the water does have a wider hydrogen bond angle than normal water. 

Contaminated Long Island Aquifer: Other nuclear labs and environmental scientists have successfully used John Ellis machines over the years to clean up contamination and even nuclear wastes. One such facility was the Long Island New York Brookhaven National Lab. In the 80's they had a nuclear reactor which accidentally made all the water in the aquifer under Long Island radioactive. They had the highest cancer rate in that area for a while. They bought hundreds of the John Ellis machines and after successfully recycling the water from the aquifer they called John Ellis to tell him his machine was the only one that was able to get rid of the radiation.

How to Treat a Swimming Pool, Well or Septic Tank With John Ellis Water

Mix about 10 gallons of John Ellis distilled water into the pool, or throw into the well. For the septic tank, you only need to pour John Ellis Water down your toilet (or better yet, add it to your bath water for a spa-bath). There are many reports of people doing this successfully to treat their wells, pools, spas and even to spray on fields and crops. The normal amount would be 1 gallon for every 100 gallons of water you are trying to treat.

John Ellis Conditions of Sale

One can purchase various replacement parts from the John Ellis company if ever needed. The machine is likely to last for decades, provided you don’t make any mistakes with it. No returns for refund are ever accepted by the John Ellis company. In other words, the John Ellis machine does not come with a trial period of any kind. 

When you buy a John Ellis Living Water Machine you will receive certification that your purchase went to the tax deductible, non-profit, John Ellis corporation, which John Ellis says you can claim at tax time.

John Ellis Machine Dimensions: 

Length: 14 inches
Width: 11 inches
height: 7.5 - 9.5 inches (depending on if you have the UV lights installed or not)