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AlkaMedi 3000S Water Ionizer

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You rarely get an opportunity to buy such a high-quality, Korean-made water ionizer for such a low price. They are manufactured with medical-grade materials and, with proper use and care, should last many years or even a lifetime. The manufacturer has been around for decades and can be trusted to make good-quality machines. 

The AlkaMedi 3000S is a beautiful water ionizer from a Korean solid manufacturer. It has continuous cleaning and a strong 5-plate water cell.

AlkaMedi 3000S Continuous-Cleaning

The water cell is constructed with the best medical-grade materials, including medical-grade platinum (a very important feature).

Performance is about equal to that of the Nexus X-Blue water ionizer.

The AlkaMedi 3000S sits next to the sink in a slightly different direction than most water ionizers. The knob and spout are closer to where you need them to be for ease of use and less counter-space used.

AlkaMedi 3000S Product Specifications

  • AlkaMedi Manufacture Permission #: KFDA No.2670
  • Product / Model #: Alkaline Water Producing Equipment / AML 3000(S) * (S) means “With Flexible Spout.”
  • Input Voltage/Power Consumption: AC120V / 140W (1.2A)
  • Dimensions / Weight: 346 x 246 x 140(mm) / about 5.4Kg [ (13.62 x 9.68 x 5.51(in) / 11.90lbs ]
  • Applicable Water Pressure/Temperature: 0.7~5kgf/cm2 ( 0.069~0.49MPa ) / 5 ~ 30℃ ( 41~86 ℉ )
  • Operation Type: Electrolysis
  • Device Method: Continuous Electrolysis (pH Range : Alkaline : pH 8.5~ 10, Acidic : pH 5.5 ~6.5)
  • Electrolysis Levels: Total 7 Levels ( Alkaline 4 + Purified+ Acidic 2 ) with 7 Color Display
  • Cleaning Device: Automatic Cleaning System (No waiting interval / Patented)
  • Electrode Materials: 5 Platinized Titanium Plates (0.1μ Platinum Coating)
  • Filter Replacement: Easily replaceable cartridge with Authentic Filter Recognizer
  • Filter Lifespan/Capacity: About 3,600 ℓ based on Chloroform (around 6~8 months) within 1 year Lifespan Indicator
  • Icon on LCD Display Screen
  • Hot Water Inflow Detector Built-in Bimetallic Temperature Sensor
  • Water Supply: Direct connection to a faucet or water supply line

Core Technology

AlkaMedi 3000S Water Ionizer water cell

The advantages of Alkamedi Alkaline Water Ionizers include:

  1. The largest medical-grade platinum-coated electrode plates in the industry.
  2. Also, Alkamedi has the "patented" automatic reverse polarity self-cleaning system eliminating waste and preventing scale buildups on the electrode plates.

AlkaMedi Filters

AlkaMedi filters are carbon block filters, suplimented by a calcium layer for extra power in chlorine removal. Carbon block is better than loose carbon media, because it forces the water through. It filters out common municipal contaminants, such as chlorine and its byproducts. Also heavy metals and other common contaminants.

WARRANTY OVERVIEW: Any defect of a single part, which develops from spontaneous-malfunction within the first year, is entitled to full warranty service, which means repaired free of charge for both part and labor. Spontaneous-malfunction means that the problem was not customer-error, source-water damage, or other situation that arose from the customer, shipping company, or environment, which resulted in the damage. It just happened, and there is no fault on the customer's part or the environment's part.

Shipping: You will be shipped a water ionizer that is in good working condition. If your water ionizer arrives damaged, we will replace it without charging you shipping costs. But, you must notify us of the damage within 30 days.

After that, all shipping [both ways] for warranty fulfillment is the responsibility of the purchaser. You can call or email us to arrange a repair shipping label to be sent to you at your expense. This way you can take advantage of our shipping discounts. It is also your responsibility to save the plugs that come with your water ionizer. These must be used to ensure the safety of the machine (with no water leaks) during shipping. If you lost the plugs you will need to purchase new ones.

Notes: We reserve the option to repair or replace unit [with same or comparable unit].


Alkaline Water Plus has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been a member since 2010. This tells you a lot about our business practices at Alkaline Water Plus. We are here to help our customers and you can trust that we will.

ALKAMEDI was established in 2001 and has been developing a complete line of advanced alkaline water ionizers and filters, such as the AlkaMedi 3000S.

AlkaMedi is Licensed and approved as a manufacturer of medical devices by the KFDA.

  • Medical Device Manufacturer by Korea MFDS
  • KGMP
  • CE
  • UL
  • CB
  • RoHS
  • ISO9001:2015
  •  ISO14001:2015
  • Good Design
  • Trust Brand Awards 2014
  • 4 Korean Patents
  • 3 Utility Model Patents
  • 13 Design Registrations
  • Trademarks