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Special ORP Meter for Ionized Water

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This is a special ORP meter for measuring negative ORP in alkaline ionized water.

  • Don't confuse it with a typical ORP meter.
  • No other ORP meter is customized for use with the negative-ORP in ionized water.
  • There is nothing for you to do except insert the battery and use it.

The probe doesn't have to soak in solutions the way other meters do. Note: It will last indefinitely if you turn it off and let the probe dry out after each use. Keep it exposed to room temperature air until you use it again. The oxygen in the air oxidizes it naturally, so you don't need to. 

Every Water Ionizer Owner Should Have One of These ORP Meters

This is the exact type of ORP meter that I have used for years (just a different color). It's the best tool you can use to make sure your ionized water has the level of antioxidants you expect. I use mine all the time. I use it even more than I use my pH reagent.

I would even say it's more handy than the Trustlex Hydrogen meter, because it's so simple to use. It doesn't need constant cleaning and calibration like other ORP meters do.

  • High-quality and long-lasting platinum electrode.
  • Comes with one 9v battery. No wires or plugs needed.
  • 300 hour battery life.
Warranty Information
2 year