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PH Reagent Testing Kit


PH Reagent drops for testing pH of ionized water.

Simply add 1-2 drops into 1/2 oz. water [ about 1 tbsp.]. Shake and observe color change. 

Note on Testing Water Samples: Just add enough drops till you can see what color it is. How many depends on the size of the sample you're testing. I usually use the little vial that comes with the pH drops and fill that half-full. Then I'll put in about 2 drops. You can add more drops than that if you want, but if you add too many drops the color becomes too dark to tell. 

This is professional, scientific wide-range pH reagent that is not sold in stores.

Note: the glass bottle kit comes with:

  • 10.5 ml plastic bottle of scientific-quality pH reagent;
  • Lid has dropper attached;
  • PH color chart is on bottle.