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pHydrion Testing Paper [for saliva/urine testing]

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Testing pH Balance.

Everyone needs this…PH Paper is for periodic testing saliva or urine pH [indicates pH-balance of body]. Rolls out so you can cut each strip the size you want. For most purposes, 1/8-1/4 inch is good enough to see accurate results.

Saliva pH is the most closely aligned with the pH of blood and interstitial fluids [fluids around the cells]. Make sure to test your saliva at a time when you haven't eaten or drunk anything for a while. Also, anticipation of food [smells] can cause enzymes to be released into your saliva which may change the pH of it. So, try to get a saliva sample that is as uninfluenced by food or drink as you can. First thing when you wake up in the morning is usually a good time.

Body pH and Blood pH are Indicators of Health

It has been determined that an alkaline body is more conducive to health and well-being than an acidic one. An undesirable pH can lead to a variety of negative health effects. A body that tends toward acidity heightens the risk for infections from bacteria, yeast, parasites, and viruses. All of these seek out and thrive in an acid environment.

Here are some general guidelines for judging your saliva pH test results: * A young, healthy child will read at 7.3 - 7.5 * A healthy adult will read at 7.3 - 7.4 * An adult may not have any apparant illness at 7.1 - 7.3, but is starting to become deficient. * Mildly deficient 6.5 [There will probably be some starting signs of illness, allergy, arthritis or disease.] * Severely deficient and diseased 4.5 [Most likely has cancer.]

"The saliva pH parallells the extra cellular fluid ... pH paper test using saliva represents the most consistent and most definitive physical sign of the ionic calcium deficiency syndrome ... The saliva pH of the non-deficient and healthy person is in the 7.5 to 7.1 slightly alkaline range. The range from 6.5 which is weakly acidic to 4.5 which is strongly acidic represents states from mildly deficient to strongly deficient, respectively. Most children are dark blue, a pH of 7.5. Over half of adults are green-yellow, a pH of 6.5 or lower, reflecting the calcium deficiency of aging and lifestyle defects. Cancer patients are usually a bright yellow, a pH of 4.5, especially when terminal."...The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, Carl J. Reich, M.D., Gilliland Printing Inc., Arkansas City, Kansas, 1996.

Substances with a pH higher than 7 are alkaline and they contain a higher concentration of OH-. "When you drink alkaline water, you are drinking water with excess oxygen, not in the form of O2, but in the form of OH- which is very stable because it is mated with positively ionized alkaline minerals. Two of these hydroxyl ions can form a water molecule (H2O) and give out one oxygen atom. The alkaline mineral is used to detoxify poisonous acid compounds and when that happens the hydroxyl ion is freed to supply excess oxygen to the cells."...Reverse Aging, Sang Whang, 1990, page 51

In the absence of oxygen, glucose undergoes fermentation to lactic acid. Our bodies simply can not fight disease if our body pH balance is compromised. Not only are you more susceptible to infections such as colds and the flu but also degenerative diseases are promoted if your pH is consistently acid. Furthermore, populations of bacteria, fungi, etc. may be thriving throughout your body without causing acute disease, yet producing acid waste products. These stealth infections may underlie a variety of degenerative conditions. Bacteria are found in arthritic joints, arterial plaque, and many other places.

If disease is to be prevented or successfully managed, an acid pH must be overcome.

"pH paper strips to measure acid/alkaline pH balance belong in every family medicine kit, right beside the thermometer and bandages." - Dr. R. Dunne

15 foot roll of pH paper comes with dispenser and instructions.

See Below on how to Use Your pH paper for best results.

Virtually all degenerative diseases including heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney and gall stones, and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body. While the body has a homeostatic mechanism that maintains a constant pH 7.365 in the blood, this mechanism works by depositing and withdrawing acid and alkaline minerals from other locations including the bones, soft tissues, body fluids and saliva. Therefore, the pH of these other tissues can fluctuate greatly.

The pH of saliva offers a window through which you can see the overall pH balance in your body.