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Buder HS-72 Hydrogen Water Machine

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The BUDER HS-72 is a counter-top Hydrogen Water Generator (which is made with DuPont's SPE-PEM membrane). This is a very well-made hydrogen water machine which gives great levels of H2 without changing the pH of the water. 

Japanese Made

The BUDER Hydrogen Water Machine is primarily a design and creation of Victory (manufacturer) in Japan and the internal filters are made in the Buder factory in Taiwan, where the product is assembled, boxed, stored and made ready for international sales. There is no doubt to the quality that goes into this wonderful machine. 

The hydrogen pumping membrane (inside the left chamber) is made by DuPont in the US.

The Buder Company is a high-integrity and quality manufacturer. Caution: There are several knock-off brands similar to the Buder HS-72, but none are the quality of this company or machine.  

BUDER Hydrogen Water Generator With SPE/PEM Membrane

The BUDER Hydrogen Water Machine is super easy to use and very well-made.  How it works is:

  1. Set up the BUDER Hydrogen Water Machine on a flat and stable surface.
  2. The HS-72 is not meant to be transported.
  3. Pour distilled or deionized water into the left-side (bin). This is where the machine generates hydrogen.
  4. Pour filtered water into the pitcher (up to the 1.8 liter line).
  5. Plug it in. (Note: You can leave it plugged in if you want.)
  6. Turn it on by pushing the button on the front of the machine. You have the following choices:
    1. One push = 10 minutes. This is usually all one would need.
    2. Two pushes = 20 minutes.
    3. Three pushes = 30 minutes.
    4. Push/hold to turn off before cycle finishes.
  7. Turn Off: If you want to interrupt any cycle, simply push/hold the power button until the screen goes dark. Otherwise, the machine automatically turns off after it completes any cycle.
  8. Then it pumps the pure hydrogen gas from the chamber on the left into the pitcher. You can see the gas bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pitcher.
  9. The water is now ready to drink. Lift the pitcher straight up and then out. Don't tilt it while pulling it out, or you could damage the pins the pitcher sits on.
  10. The disk that floats on top of the water will keep the H2 in the water from evaporating. This is a great invention, saving you from having to re-do the process if you don't drink it right away. I've tested it 4 hours later and been very happy to see very little drop in H2 over that fairly long time-period of just sitting there.

Do You Prefer Cold Hydrogen Water?

For those who like their water cold, you could store filtered water in the refrigerator (or use your refrigerator filtered water), and fill the pitcher with that.  


There is a small white sponge filter that sits under the pitcher. The purpose of the sponge is to bring the hydrogen filled water from the left side of the machine over to just under, but touching, the bottom of the pitcher. Hydrogen gas pumps up through the sponge filter and then through a set of 2 grids (separated by an air-space) at the bottom of the pitcher.

The BUDER Hydrogen Water Generator comes with one extra white sponge filter. The sponges can be cleaned and reused indefinitely. 

Proper Care of the BUDER HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator:

The BUDER Hydrogen Water Machine should last you many years, provided you care for it properly. Make sure to:

  • Do a 15-min cleaning cycle (described above) every couple of weeks;
  • Change the tank-water with new, fresh distilled water every 3 months. To do this, drain out the existing water by unplugging the drain at the bottom of the main chamber until the tank is empty. DO NOT TURN THE MACHINE OVER TO EMPTY THE TANK. Refill with fresh distilled water.
  • Change the tank's internal filter every 9 months;
  • Only use distilled or deionized water in the tank (left side of the machine). This is the hydrogen pumping chamber and must stay free of minerals;
  • Do not attempt to repair the machine yourself; The machine is probably going to last 10 or more years if you use care with it and follow these instructions.  
  • Only use water in the pitcher (right side). No other liquids will do;
  • Keep the white sponge-filter clean and in its proper place. Purchase a new sponge-filter if the two filters that come with the machine get damaged or lost. DON'T USE ANY OTHER KIND OF SPONGE-FILTER. Don't forget, you can wash these too. I put mine in the top rack of the dish washer about every year.
  • If you've been using your machine for a long time and have cared for it properly it should continue to keep working like a charm. If for no reason it stops working you may have had a power surge. But before you assume it's that, try doing a vinegar wash of the bottom bin. See instructions, below.

How to Do a Vinegar Wash of the Bottom Bin and Tray

Periodically, maybe once every year or two, the water in the bottom bin and tray under the pitcher gets dirty. You normally don't need to do anything whatsoever with that bin, but grime or dust from the air can get into it, just like anywhere else in your house. The bin starts at the tray under the pitcher, and then goes out of sight, under the distilled water bin. The machine will shut itself off if it senses too much dirt in this area.

So, every so often or if the machine inexplicably refuses to work. A thorough vinegar wash should be done. You can do this as often as you like, but use care to not allow the water in that lower bin to swish upward too far. Here's how to do it.

  1. Remove the filter and the pitcher and empty the distilled-water bin (save for later if it's new). Also remove the sponge.
  2. Unplug the machine and empty the water in the bottom bin completely. Rince and empty again. Use care to not let the water slush around, because it may wet the electronics inside the machine.
  3. Mix up about 10 oz of water and white vinegar (half and half). Pour it into the bottom bin. You'll have to tilt the machine about 45 degrees to allow that bin to fill enough. Put a wedge or towel under the right side under the machine to hold it in the tilted position. Wait 20 minutes.
  4. Empty the bin water. It may be very dirty. If it is, then repeat the vinegar wash (step 3). You can swirl the water around horizontally to try to loosen the dirt, but not too much. Empty again.
  5. If it's still dirty repeat. If not, then fill the bottom bin with plain water to rinse it. Empty it again.
  6. Now, fill the bottom bin with about 5 oz of distilled water and put it back flat on the counter.
  7. Replace the sponge, filter, distilled water in the upper bin and pitcher.
  8. The machine should now work just fine. 

BUDER Hydrogen Water Machine Demos:


  • Type: Batch Hydrogen Water Maker / Hydrogen Water Generator  [*Batch simply means you pour the water into the machine; it is not connected up to your plumbing.]
  • This is not a typical water ionizer. It does not split the water into streams, microcluster the water or change the pH of the water.
  • Design: Latest Japanese-made model for 2022. There is no newer HS-72 Japanese-Made Hydrogen Machine than this.  
  • Use: Counter top
  • Power: 24 w and 110/220 v
  • Place of Origin: Japan/Taiwan [Japan manufactures the machine and the filter is made in Taiwan.]
  • Plate Composition: Titanium Coated with Platinum
  • Manufacturer: Victory Japan
  • Brand Name: Buder 
  • Model Number: HS-72
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Pitcher Capacity: 1.8L (60 oz)
  • Dimensions: Width 13” Depth 6.3’ Height 11”


I have used my Buder Hydrogen Water Machine every day for many years. If you care for it properly it should last and last. The Buder Hydrogen Machine comes with a LIFETIME labor warranty and 1-year parts-warranty. [Note: After one year, parts will be available at cost. Must have proof of purchase from AWP.]

Already Have a Water Ionizer? Why Not Buy the BUDER Machine Too? 

I use my BUDER machine all the time, even though I have the best water ionizers available to me. Why?

  • The BUDER Hydrogen Machine pumps a good deal more hydrogen into the water without raising the pH.
  • I like to give my body a variety of pH, but like to have all my water contain H2.  

HS72 From Buder Company and Victory in Japan


Note: The BUDER machine used to be called the Lourdes machine. However too many copy-cat machines came on the market using this name. So, to emphasize that the Buder machine is the only Hydrogen Machine of its kind in which all parts are made in Japan they renamed it simply the Buder HS-72 Hydrogen Water Machine. Copycat products look similar, but the companies are not connected with each other and we've evaluated the Buder company is the best one. 

You are assured a higher level of quality for the Buder machine which is why we offer our Lifetime Labor Warranty.

Q & A

Does the Buder HS72 machine has dual Chamber Technology (DCT)?

Yes. The upper and lower electrodes are completely separated.

Does the exhaust vent to expel ozone and chlorine gases?

Yes. The ozone and chlorine gases are released to the outside of the machine naturally.

What materials are the base and pitcher?

The base is  ABS and the Pitcher is Tritan.

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