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H2 Series Citric Acid Cleaning Cartridge


The H2 Series water ionizers have continuous-cleaning inside the water cell, but if your water flow-rate slows it may mean it's time to do a citric acid wash. People with hard water may need to do some kind of citric acid cleaning every year or so. A citric acid wash can be done using this cleaning cartridge or manually as described on this page: https://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/water-ionizer-care-vinegar-wash/ . 

Using the Citric Acid Ceaning Cartridge makes it easier to clean the internal lines of the water ionizer than ever. Follow the principles of the vinegar-wash, but instead of adding vinegar solution to the ionizer all you need to do is install the special Citric Acid filter in the #2 spot of the ionizer.

Steps of the Citric Acid Wash

  1. Don't unhook the machine from the water supply or power. Just install the citric acid filter in the place of the #2 filter.
  2. Lift up the acid water hose to be higher than the top of the ionizer. Hook it or tape it up, so as to have it remain in place (higher than the machine) for the duration of the citric acid soak.
  3. Turn on the water ionizer and pour at alkaline level 3 for 5-10 seconds. Then stop the water flow. This will fill the ionizer water lines with the citric acid solution.
  4. About an hour later turn the machine back on at level 3 for about 10 seconds. Then again stop the water-flow.
  5. Let it sit over night.
  6. In the morning, put the acid water hose back to its normal position and run the machine on filtered water for 30 seconds.
  7. This is the end of the citric acid wash.
  8. Remove the citric acid filter and reinstall the regular #2 filter.