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What is Ionized Water?

What is Ionized Water?

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What is ionized water?

What is Ionized Water?

h3>>Discover the Health Benefits of Ionized Water.

Ionized water, crafted by a water ionizer, is a potent source of antioxidants. Alkaline ionized water, with its surplus of hydrogen ions and elevated pH, surpasses regular tap water in health benefits. The antioxidants and alkaline pH of ionized water have been instrumental in combating various health conditions, empowering individuals to take control of their health. Explore more about these benefits and watch the video below for a comprehensive understanding.

Research shows that ionized water has helped fight the following: arthritis, digestive problems, inflammatory conditions, skin disorders, weight problems, diabetes, cancer, acid reflux, gout, fatigue, allergies, and chronic pain. This is just a partial list. Read more (about the research).

Understanding the Process: How is Alkaline Ionized Water Made?

A water ionizer electrolyzes water, producing hydrogen and oxygen gas in the process. Hydrogen gas is healthy for the inside of the body and acts as a powerhouse antioxidant. Oxygen gas is good for sanitizing, so the highly oxidized water that comes out the acidic hose will sanitize surfaces and help to tighten up the pores of your body. 

The electrolysis process breaks the bonds between atoms of H2O and converts them into ions. Ions are negatively and positively charged particles. When the ions reform as water they are magnetically pulled into two streams. The stream with the negative overall charge is the alkaline stream and the one with the positive charge is the acidic water stream.

Alkaline ionized water comes out of the top spout. This is the drinkable, health-giving water. The negatively charged ions in this water are alkaline and antioxidant-rich. This water is also micro-clustered, which makes the water more bio-available.

Is Ionized Water Healthier than Regular Tap Water?

Yes. The ionized water you drink is more alkaline than regular tap water, which means it's better for your internal body (including organs, circulatory system and digestion). 

"Alkaline" means that something has a pH level above 7. Our bodies are naturally supposed to be more alkaline than acidic, but we have trouble with this because of all the acidic wastes of the foods we eat.

Ionized water which comes out of the bottom hose is positively charged and has a lower pH level than regular tap water. This is called acidic water and is known to be good for plants, hair and skin. 

So, ionized water contains either more negatively-charged hydrogen ions or more positively-charged hydroxyl ions. Both are good for you. The negatively-charged alkaline water is good for drinking and the positively-charged acidic water is good for the skin.

Do I Need a Water Ionizer?

While ionizers can be beneficial for most people, they are not necessary for everyone. To determine whether an ionizer is right for you, consider the following questions: Do I want to be healthier and more energetic? Do I want to improve my overall health and wellness by reducing the number of toxins in my body? If so, an ionizer might be a good fit for your lifestyle.

How much does a water ionizer cost and where can you buy one?

At Alkaline Water Plus, we offer a wide selection of water ionizers that are suitable for a variety of needs. Our product range includes pitchers, filters, machines, and more.  Our products come in a number of different price points, so there is something for everyone, even if you are new to the world of water ionization. 

We always offer the lowest prices. Also, feel free to contact us for our latest coupon code for water ionizers.

Customers Regularly Rave About Their Water Ionizers!

"I have been drinking alkaline water for 12 years and believe in the health qualities it provides. This Athena-H2 replaces a Jupiter Orion that served well for the last 8 years. The water from this unit really does seem to be a great upgrade and I look forward to the increased benefits of the hydrogen process. Several new features make it even better - the built-in water flow control dial, dual filtration, and 5 alkaline levels. Plus, even better build quality, if that's possible." Jerry W.

"My wife is an acupuncturist, and many in her circle of friends were recommending Kangen water, so I wanted to give her a water system as a gift. I had initially looked at Kangen, and then found sites selling equipment supposedly much better at a fraction of the cost. I had one chinese-made unit in my shopping cart, and was almost ready to purchase, but then thought I might look around a little bit more. I'm so glad I then finally found the Alkaline Water Plus site! The information that Cathleen Lograsso has compiled here is phenomenal, and made me VERY comfortable selecting my new AlkaViva Athena H2. I also got the Under Sink Kit for All H2 Ionizers, which I installed myself. We've now been using it for a year, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you, Cathleen!" John P.

The Delphi H2 is a great machine. The install was simple. The taste of the water is amazing, even my children are drinking more water. This ionizer is more than I expected. LOVE IT!! Fernando R.

"The X-Blue is one of the best purchases I ever made. I waited a long time to make this purchase. The reviews that lead me to this were spot on. All the features work perfectly. The installation was very easy and all the necessary parts needed came with the unit. I have no reservations recommending this unit to my family and friends. Also the unit is shipped and received faster then I expected. Great product, great web site and great service.! Thank You!" William Q.

"I bought this Vesta H2 water machine after test-driving a Kangen K8 machine for a couple months. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and it gets the job done! It's more affordable, easy to use, tastes good, works great and has a great warranty. Using acidic level 1 to wash my face has drastically improved my skin!! I rarely have acne breakouts anymore after struggling with skin issues all my life." Marissa A.

Our Customers Send Us Lots of Personal Testimonials Too!

"Since I started drinking ionized water my face and skin looks healthier. I have more energy, lost weight and feel younger." Denise C.

"The first thing I noticed when I drank the alkaline ionized water was the level of clarity, I could sense the H2 going into the brain clearing out plaque and congestion. Now I feel so clear, with significant increase in vitality. Just did 90 lengths of an olympic size pool yesterday in less than 50 minutes at the age of 71. Thank you, Alka Viva, Cathie and Sean for your wonderful products and support." Barry S.

" I feel enhanced energy and focus, and a reduction in inflammation and digestive issues. The alkaline water plus website provided incredibly helpful information while deciding on a machine, as well as great support while assembling and starting out. Overall a very positive experience, and a water ionizer that I could not be more pleased with!" Ryan F.

"I'm moving more and feeling stronger." Angelica G.

"I bought the water ionizer primarily to help my daughter with a serious case of Chronic Lyme Disease. She has more energy to get out to the wheel chair and walk more and my whole family drinks all of their drinking water from this and everyone has great skin and looks great. It has had a great impact on our overall health!" Pabster

"Drinking ionized water helps me to sleep easier feel better all day." Minhanh N.

"I've been a type one diabetic for 13 years and not ONCE did a doctor talk to me about quality of water impacting how much insulin your body needed. From switching from a Brita filter for our tap water to the water ionizer, I've been able to decrease my overall insulin intake by at least 20% most days while having increased my carb intake. Thank you for helping me gain better quality of health for life!" Casey P.

" I now have much less pain and a lot more energy."  Debra B.

"Wonderful! I Love my alkaline water machine. I have tried numerous herbal treatments, and health treatments for my allergies. This water completely cured my allergies. WOW. I researched both sides of the "alkaline water" theory. I wanted to believe the non believers, partly because of the price of this machine, but quite frankly I think the people who are against ionized water, haven't tried it themselves. It has completely eliminated my allergies."   Briana

"I am more emotionally positive than I've been in a while, and my overall malaise is less apparent than it's been in a VERY long while. Within a week of installing the Melody we both were sure we couldn't live without the machine ever again. I haven't felt this overall good for years. I'm clear-minded (making future plans and balancing our finances again!), less achy, more energy, less lymph node swelling, and have started being able to do a little moderate exercise every few days. My ME/CFS crashes last a much shorter time (like only 1-5 hours long instead of 2-4 days) and aren't nearly as intense. And the benefits just keep piling up the longer I drink it." Alanna B.

"I had a rash over my back and trunk that was itchy and would only respond to very harsh antifungal cream that only worked sometimes. It's GONE! I've had that rash for 15 years and the only thing we've changed is the water. We now use 11 in our laundry, 2.5 as a mouthwash, 6 after every shower and drink 9 daily (half of our body weight a day). Love this ionized water ionizer machine and love this company!!" Michele Tully

"Being a prostate cancer patient, I found that balancing my pH with this water has helped me sleep better, and feel better." John Palmer

"I just realized how long we have had this machine and how good it has been. In looking back over these 5 years no one in the household had been sick, at all. no colds, no flues."   Greg S.

"I can drink a glass of ionized water before going to bed without having reflux. I have also noticed that when I workout I am getting better pumps. I am pleased with my purchase!" Roy G.

"Finally have our water ionizer and already noticing a difference with my digestive issues and my skin issues! My mom just passed from a very long battle with cancer. She believed so much in the quality of the water we drank. I wish we had found this program sooner because we should have had her ionized instead of the RO water system. I love sharing with people what has worked for me and I have already shared so many people this link to this website because I found it to be so incredibly helpful when I went to purchase.  AH

"We drink water from our water ionizer exclusively even our dog. As a person who had cirrhosis I have to attribute my continuing improvement in no small part to my ionizer, my doctors continue to be impressed with improving results." ML

"I am now in absolute remission after having had an active case of sarcoidosis for over 26 years. I have been able to detoxify literally every soft tissue in my body! My natural pH balance is restored. The water ionizer machine is a venerable workhorse!!! Filter change the only maintenance." Rob M.

" I find myself much more relaxed. More resistant to excitability and upset. Calmer and sleeping more soundly and actually resting, not just lightly sleeping. All of my pain symptoms from severe O-Arthritis disappeared completely! no fatigue, no aches and pains, no knee swelling. (I have an artificial knee)My mind is sharper than it has been for 4+ years. Yahoo !! 66 years old Feeling better than I have in 20 years !!!" Steve B.

"The water ionizer does everything I need and then some. My arthritis and Blood Pressure have improved dramatically." Roberta R.

Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

My background is in physiology, teaching, nutrition and weight loss. I have raised 5 children who are all grown now. I have a masters degree in education and was a teacher/principal for 24 years. I created Alkaline Water Plus in 2009 to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER, and I've been in perfect health ever since I started drinking ionized water 25 years ago! Understanding and knowing how to control and manage my own body's pH and antioxidant levels at the cellular level has made all the difference in the world in my life, my family's lives and in a countless number of my friends and associates over the years.

Cathie LoGrasso Owner, Alkaline Water Plus

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