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Alkaline Plus by WellBlue Replacement Filters

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The Alkaline Plus by WellBlue Replacement Filters are for the Alkaline Plus PH Pitcher only.

Easily replace cartridge by gently screwing.

  1. Active carbon removes chlorine, organic impurities, odor and many chemicals.
  2. Raises pH and lightly ionizes the water.
  3. Produces Negative ORP [as strong as -300], transforming regular water into antioxidant water.
  4. Softens the tap water: Ion exchange resin remove hardness [Ca+,Mg+].
  5. Reduces heavy metals: The filter permanently absorbs metals, such as lead, copper and aluminum, so your drinking water will be cleaner.
  6. Improves taste of water.
  7. Contains alkalizing minerals which will help you alkalize your body.


Filters should be changed every 200 or so liters [about 70 gallons] depending on the quality of your source water. It is suggested to test the pH periodically to ensure the filter is still ionizing. Alkaline Water Plus is conducting a long-term test on the WellBlue filter and we've filtered over 40 gallons so far with no drop in pH or ORP. We have discovered that it takes 15-30 minutes to filter if you fill the upper bin completely, and that you should wait at least one hour between filterings to ensure your pH and ORP will not drop off [due to overuse of the filter]. If you want to filter more water than that we suggest you purchase another filter.