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Fluoride Shield #1 Filter for Vesta GL Ionizers

Usually ships in 24 hours.

The Fluoride Shield is one of the options for the #1 spot on the Vesta GL water ionizer only. Check with us if you're not sure which Vesta water ionizer you have. It will filter out Fluoride better than any other filter.

Fluoride in drinking water is a growing concern for many of us and AlkaViva has created a solution, the UltraWater Fluoride-Shield. By using the newest cutting edge techniques, AlkaViva has created the first internal ionizer filter to reduce Fluoride to non-detectable levels in laboratory testing.

Fluoride has long been difficult to remove from drinking water using traditional filters because the standard point of use fluoride filters require very slow flow rates, much too slow for an ionizer. AlkaViva's commitment to not only healthy, but clean and contaminant free water has lead us to new methods for reducing Fluoride that can be used effectively inside of an ionizer.

The UltraWater Fluoride Shield Filter will be placed in the filter #1 position of your Vesta and was engineered to work perfectly with the #1 filter counter.

Rated for 500 gallons. Change filters at least yearly.

Note: The AlkaViva water experts state that the Fluoride Shield filter is not for sediment and a separate sediment filter may be required to prevent clogging of the very fine Ultrawater filters. If you have a water sediment problem you are probably better off getting the external Fluoride Shield and then inside the ionizer use the standard UltraWater filter set (which has a sediment filter as part of the set).


This Video Shows Filter-Changing for the Vesta

Filter 1 is on the left as you're facing the back of the machine and Filter 2 is on the right.