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The Importance of Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen: H2 Antioxidants

Molecular Hydrogen Research in Medicine

Molecular Hydrogen research in medicine and health has been going strong now for about 10 years. Professor Ohta's ground-breaking molecular hydrogen research started off a worldwide interest in molecular hydrogen that keeps growing and growing with each passing year.

Molecular hydrogen, also known as hydrogen gas, H2 or H2-, can be consumed most conveniently when dissolved in a liquid, but one is also able to inhale it with a cannula. Many recent research reports are looking upon molecular hydrogen as the most powerful antioxidant found to date -- with no harmful effects whatsoever.

Molecular Hydrogen's Ability to Scavenge Free Radicals

Molecular Hydrogen is now known by prominent researchers world wide for its ability to truly penetrate through cell membranes (even the blood-brain barrier) and scavenge free radicals. 

Hydrogen is not like any other antioxidant. Due to its tiny size and its lipid solubility, hydrogen (unlike all other antioxidants) can get into every living part of the body. This discovery is HUGE. All other antioxidants are incapable of this feat.

Hydrogen at the Root of Life

School children know that the combination of H2 and Oxygen makes water, which is at the source of all life. Oxygen also brings life, but unfortunately complications of too much oxidation within the body is at the root of almost all disease. Active Oxygen, a dangerous free radical which causes a terrific amount of damage to cells is specifically attacked and neutralized by tiny molecular hydrogen. This is done with no harmful waste or byproducts produced. 

Recent research has shown that hydrogen is the only antioxidant that can completely neutralize active oxygen and render it utterly harmless. At the same time molecular hydrogen doesn't attack good radicals in the body. It will never act as a poison to the body, and any excess of it will simply evaporate harmlessly and combine with oxygen in the air to hydrate or moisturize it. 

Other types of antioxidants have been found to become free-radicals, themselves, once they have donated their electron to neutralize another molecule. This doesn't happen with molecular hydrogen. As a matter of fact no negative effects whatsoever have been found to be caused by molecular hydrogen.

Molecular Hydrogen Machines & Filters

You can consume molecular hydrogen safely in a variety of ways. My favorite way is with a high-end water ionizer which has been specifically upgraded to produce the maximum amount possible of molecular hydrogen (for this I particularly advise you get a machine that uses "continuous cleaning" of the plates. Hydrogen machines and ionizing water filters are also quite good. Another way to very efficiently consume molecular hydrogen in great quantity is by using a Hydrogen Gas Inhaler, such as the SPE-270. I personally use a combination of all these types of molecular hydrogen producing devices. 

The Latest Molecular Hydrogen Research

If you are like me and like to peruse the latest research, here are several I've picked from the thousands of articles that have come out recently on the topic of molecular hydrogen. Hover the mouse over each link to see the title of each report.























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