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Genuine Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator


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Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator With SPE/PEM Membrane

The Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator is the latest model for the Lourdes Machine. Please don't confuse this with the Lourdes Hydrofix, which is a fake copycat (see bottom of page for more on that).

The Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator is made with DuPont's SPE-PEM membrane and is a very well-made machine all-around. How it works is the Lourdes Machine generates the Hydrogen in the left-side water chamber, separating out the oxygen and any other chemicals, and leaves those behind. Then it pumps the pure hydrogen into the other container (the pitcher), creating hydrogen-rich water in the pitcher.

The Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator got its name from the city in France which is well known for its miracle water. It is portable in the sense that it can be plugged in anywhere and water added to the pitcher from whatever source you choose. I suggest using water that has at least neutral pH for drinking. You can request your free pH strips kit in the comment box of the shopping cart so you can monitor the pH of your source water choices.

Actually the Lourdes Machine is one of my favorite hydrogen water machines. But I always make sure to put filtered water into the pitcher, because the filter in the machine is only for the left sife where the hydrogen is produced...not for the pitcher where the hydrogen is pumped.

It's easy to use the Lourdes Machine. Once the left chamber is filled with distilled water you don't have to change that for a long while (about 90 days). Then about 10 minutes before you want water, just fill the pitcher (on the right) with tap water (or if you're like me, you will fill it with filtered water).

For those who like their water cold, you could store filtered water in the refrigerator (or use your refrigerator filtered water), and fill the pitcher with that. Usually if I fill the pitcher half-full I will set it for 10 min. but if I fill it all the way (2 liters) I set it for 20 min. I have found that 10-20 min. (as just described) is the amount of time needed to reach saturation-levels of molecular hydrogen in the water, about 1.5 ppm, and setting it for longer than that doesn't change the results.

I’ve tested most of the hydrogen generators and this seems to be a very good one. One of its strengths is that it can produce up to 2 liters of hydrogen rich ionized water in each batch. Another strength is that it has a special lid that keeps the hydrogen in the water longer than usual.

Once the water is ionized, the design of the pitcher's lid is that it has a floating under-lid (disk) which sits on top of the water. This keeps the hydrogen antioxidants in the water better than if there were an open air gap above. 

Hydrogen Water Production Time:

You can choose from 10 min., 20 min., and 30 min. hydrogen water production cycles. I usually don't see that the 30 minute cycle is necessary, because once the water is saturated it won't go any higher. I can usually count on 1.4 ppm of molecular hydrogen after 10 minutes when I produce 1 liter of water at a time, which is what I usually do.

The Lourdes Machine Filters:

There is an internal filter, which needs to be changed about every 9 months with average use. This filter is more for the sake of the machine-life than anything else. The hydrogen machine won’t function well if the filter is not changed or cleaned as recommended. You can purchase extra filter for the Lourdes Machine here.

There is no filter in the pitcher-side of the Lourdes Machine. In other words, this machine is not filtering the water for you...only saturating it with molecular hydrogen. 

There is also a small white sponge filter that sits under the pitcher. The purpose of this is to bring the hydrogen filled water from the left side of the machine over to just under, but touching, the bottom of the pitcher. This sponge needs to be manually cleaned if it gets dirty. The hydrogen gas pumps up through a grid at the bottom of the pitcher. The Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator comes with one extra white sponge filter.

The Lourdes Machine Instructions:

  1. Place the Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator on a flat surface, near an outlet.
  2. Open the hydrogen production chamber (tank), on the left, and pour distilled water into it. There is a filter in there which has a “floater” in it. Don't remove the filter, just pour the water around it. When the water-level pushes the floater to the top, the tank is full enough. Replace the lid. You may need to add water to the tank intermittently over time. If it is running low on water there will be a warning light which will flicker on the front of the machine.  [Note: The tank water should be changed every 3 months. To drain out the existing water, unplug the drain at the bottom of the main chamber and empty the tank. Refill with fresh distilled water.]
  3. Water from the tank is intended to seep out the bottom of the tank into the bin (under the pitcher). Pour a little extra distilled water into the bin to bring the water-level up to the top of the white sponge filter if needed.
  4. Plug in the machine.
  5. Rinse out the pitcher well, before your first use.
  6. Pour your drinking water into the right side (pitcher). You may fill it half-way or higher, and you may use any water that is drinkable.
  7. Touch the button on the front of the Lourdes Machine. It will toggle to 10 min, 20 min, or 30 min. cycles. [Note: The button is not an on/off button. If you want to stop a cycle prematurely you can do that by either 1) lifting the pitcher off of its base, or 2) unplugging the machine.
  8. Once you select the cycle you want, just leave it. The timer will count down to zero and then chime a few times when the water is ready.]
  9. Regular Maintenance: Other than changing the filters about every 9 months, the only other maintenance is to run a cleaning cycle 2 or 3 times every week. The way you do that is to pour tap water into the pitcher up to the 1.8L mark; push and hold the button for about 3-5 seconds. The cleaning light will turn on and will clean the internal chamber and pump for about 15 minutes. When the lamp inside the chamber turns off, it’s cleaning is finished. Discard the water in the pitcher.
  10. You may unplug the Lourdes machine any time you aren’t using it. This is particularly suggested when you plan to be away for a while.

The Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator Warranty:

The Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator is expected to last many years. The manufacturer provides a 1-year parts/labor warranty, provided you care for it properly: i.e., do the cleaning cycle periodically; change the filters properly; don’t drop the machine; only use distilled water in the tank side of the machine (hydrogen pumping chamber -- left side); do not attempt to repair the machine yourself; don’t improperly use it or store it; don’t put anything other than plain, drinking water into the pitcher; and keep the white sponge filter clean and in its proper place.

The warranty only applies to Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generators purchased from Alkaline Water Plus. We automatically register you for this warranty, so there is no need to send the warranty card anywhere. The warranty does not cover shipping to and from Alkaline Water Plus.

Lourdes Hydrogen Water Machine Demos:


  • Type: Batch Hydrogen Water Maker / Hydrogen Water Generator  [*Batch simply means you pour the water into the machine; it is not connected up to your plumbing.]
  • Design: Latest Lourdes Model for 2018
  • Use: Counter top
  • Power: 24 w and 110/220 v
  • Place of Origin: Japan/Taiwan
  • Manufacturer: Victory Japan
  • Brand Name: Lourdes 
  • Model Number: HS-72
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Pitcher Capacity: 1.8L (60 oz)
  • Dimensions: Width 13” Depth 6.3’ Height 11”

The Lourdes Machine HS-72 is Genuine - Watch Out for a Fake "Lourdes-Hydrofix"

The Lourdes Hydrofix is a fake Lourdes hydrogen machine and is a hoax. The Lourdes Hydrofix is made by a highly unethical manufacturer who has stolen the name of the genuine Lourdes machine to capture their business. The importer of the Lourdes Hydrofix Machine is claiming this is the latest upgrade, but his copy-cat machine is not manufactured by the original Lourdes manufacturer, and is very inferior.  When I gave the Hydrofix some close inspection I could see its important parts that touch the water are not nice, neat and clean (as I've come to expect with the Lourdes). See the pictures below. 


  • Also the Hydrofix claims to offer therapeutic levels of H2 (hydrogen gas) when you use their special lid and cannula attachments to convert it into an inhaler. While it offers a little hydrogen for inhalation, it can't be called therapeutic levels unless it gets over 200 liters per minute flow-rate of pure H2 gas (which is impossible for this type of machine). Here are some more facts you should consider before you would purchase a hydrogen gas inhaler.
    • A hydrogen gas inhaler pumps hydrogen gas through water. But, because it is not considered medially viable to inhale moist hydrogen gas for very long periods, most hydrogen gas machines have special drying filters that the gas is put through as their final stage. It's fine to inhale moist hydrogen gas for a few minutes (let's say ...while your hydrogen water is being prepared) but it is not advised to do this for more than just a few minutes at a time.
    • A hydrogen generator's machine-life is wasted when you overuse it to try to use it as an inhaler instead. I would only use a hydrogen water machine as an inhaler as an extra function while it's producing hydrogen water to drink (so as to not waste the hydrogen that otherwise would escape).

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