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Shipping, Repairs & Returns Policies

Free U.S. Shipping for Orders Over $500.00

If you live in the U.S., the shipping is virtually free when your order total goes over $500.00. Basically, your shipping costs are waived in this case. 

Flat-Rate Shipping Charges for Other Orders

Orders totaling under $500. are charged a flat rate of $10.50 [US], $30.00 [Canada] and $50.00 [international]. With flat-rate shipping we often waive a good deal of the cost of shipping for our customers. For instance if the shipping actually costs us $22.00 you still just pay the flat-rate of $10.50. The flat-rate will not change no matter how many items you add to your order. This can add up to lots of savings for you, especially if you buy several items at once.

Signature Requirements:

All orders $500 or more will have signature requirements.

Shipping to a Different Address [Other than Billing]

We will sometimes require a wire-transfer in the event of an order, which totals over $500.00, being shipped to an address which is different than the billing address for the credit card used. This is also the case for all international orders.

International [Outside of USA] Orders and Trials:

International sales are final. If you are an international customer, we welcome your order, however please note a few things:

  • Outside of the USA you may place your order directly to us, usually email it in. The funds will need to be wire-transferred. Note: Do not email any secure information.
  • Send us your Name, address, phone number and a list of what items you want.
  • After we receive your purchase request, we will send you an invoice, which includes our wire-transfer information.
  • The next step would be to send the funds. Once you send the funds via wire-transfer please notify us so we can keep our eye out for it. It helps if you attach a picture of your receipt for the transfer.
  • We normally ship international orders via USPS international priority mail.
  • Please note that your country may charge you duties, and in some cases, sales taxes, on your international order. These charges are beyond our control, and if you want more information about your country’s duties charges please contact your country’s department that handles that. We haven't gotten reports on these costs being very high.
  • International water ionizer orders do not qualify for the 60-day trial period. Your product is guaranteed to be free of defect though. We also insure our packages, so that if your product arrives damaged it will be replaced free of charge.
  • If the product arrives damaged to an international location, you will have to file a claim with the shipping company. 
  • When your order would normally qualify for free shipping, such as with electric water ionizer orders, if you live outside of the US whatever the shipping charge is over $50.00 will be charged to you. In other words, we pay $50 toward your shipping and if it costs more than that, then you pay. 
  • Our electrical equipment [i.e., water ionizers] is 110v. Only certain water ionizers are able to convert to 220v. The fee to convert to 220v is normally $150. Many customers choose to use a transformer instead, which is fine.
  • All customers are responsible for shipping costs in the event of any future warranty issues.
  • We ship to most countries, but not to all. Generally it depends on our trade relations and track-records with shipping to that country. Please check with us if you have any questions about this. Customers typically pay a flat rate of $50.00 for shipping on international orders.

In the Event of Damaged or Missing Items:

Contact us immediately If you think something about your product isn't working right. Occasionally damage can occur in shipping. If the shipping box appears damaged in any way we need to be notified so a claim can be filed. Please do not discard any of the shipping boxes or materials. In cases of a claim these will be needed. 

If your product arrives damaged or doesn't work the way you think it should do not attempt to repair it yourself. Don't ever attempt to repair equipment yourself, unless you are prepared to void your warranty. Attempts to repair products yourself can damage the equipment beyond repair and void your warranty or rights to refund. 

Sometimes equipment only appears to be non-functional and is really a user-error. In these cases there is some part of the initial set-up that the customer doesn't understand yet. The very first thing we suggest you do is to go to the product page and read the entire page, top to bottom. In almost all cases the answer to your problem is right there. If it is still a problem, we can often resolve almost any issue over the phone or via email if you can't find the answer in the product page. 

Also, related to shipping, please pay attention to the tracking we send you. If a reasonable time has gone by and your haven’t received your products, please let us know so we can help you locate your package. 

If a product arrives damaged it will be replaced free of charge provided it was reported within 10 days of the date you received it.

Note: The performance of a water ionizer frequently depends on local water supply, because water ionizers don't always work the same in every location.  If your source water is from your own well; from a whole-house softener; below 50 ppm of Calcium (hardness) or over 150 you should give us a call to help you with it.

Returns Policies:

Before returning or even packing-up any of our merchandise to return you must first fill out our Repair or Return Authorization Form, and follow those directions.

Trial periods (60 or 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantees), mentioned throughout this website refer to water ionizers only [electric ones], and you have to have cared for the water ionizer and return it in such a way that is is like-new. Water ionizers must be returned according to our instructions here and in the email we send you. All parts [and manuals, DVD, internal filters, hoses, etc.], and even if it's a twist-tie for the electric chord we want it returned. It needs to look new (including the product box and product bags and cushions) and have no signs of usage.

Never ship an ionizer in JUST its product box or violate any of our return policies. Aside from obviously destroying the product package (rendering it not resellable), careless shipping in the product box or otherwise not using enough packing material to cushion the machine causes additional unknown damage to its insides. Because we can't predict what future problems a customer will have due to your improper shipping, we will not be able to accept your return if it is improperly shipped. 

You will need to follow all of our protocols for safely returning the product. No matter what the product is, it must be packed in the very same way it was when you received it and shipped in a proper outer shipping box.

We expect that you have saved the outer shipping box and packing materials used in shipping to you, if not you will need to purchase similar quality shipping materials locally.

There is no trial period for anything other than the electric water ionizer itself and its own internal filter(s). Other Products, outside of the ionizer, are returnable only if in new condition, resellable and returned within 10 days of receipt. We charge a 5% restocking fee even when the product isn't opened. Wet filters are not returnable unless you call for special permission.  

With pitchers or hydrogen machines, as stated elsewhere in this site they are not normally returnable. However in the rare event we allow you to return it, if they were used in any way there will be a 20% restocking fee, even if you were personally dis-satisfied with it or it didn't taste or work the way you wanted. We know these products work fine for us and taste good to us, but cannot guarantee everybody's taste buds and preferences. That being said, we do try to be very detailed in the product pages to let you know ahead of time all of the features and limitations of our products.

If the pitcher or hydrogen machine (or any product for that matter) wasn't used at all and is in "new" condition, literally ready for the shelf, there is still a 5% restocking fee.

Filters which are external to the water ionizer [such as reverse-osmosis units, remineralizers, or H-3 prefilters] may not be returned if used...at all. This means if the wrapper is removed and/or water is poured through the filter, it is non-refundable.

Please note: No return of any sort can be accepted without our prior authorization. We will email with instructions for shipping within 24 business hours of receiving your Repair or Return Authorization Form. It is very important that you ensure the safe return of your product. You are responsible for the safe return of the product even in circumstances out of your control, and for that reason it is your risk if you do not put sufficient packing material in the box or purchase insurance for your return shipment.

Customer Costs for Returns of Undamaged Items:

Shipping & handling costs both ways are the responsibility of the purchaser, regardless of where you live, in the event of returns of undamaged items. Also, when returning undamaged items, the customer is responsible for waived shipping costs, taxes, customs, if any, unless they can be reversed or retrieved. There is normally an additional 5% restocking fee on returns of undamaged items to cover incidental costs, such as shipping materials, labor, etc. Please make sure you do not return items in a condition that is not like-new or cannot be re-sold. If it turns out that the item is not resellable due to use, neglect or damage done to the product, then depending on what it is, either a higher re-stocking fee will be assessed, or in some circumstances it may happen that no refund can be paid. 

Warranties & Guarantees

All of our products are guaranteed to be free of defects, if the defect is discovered within 10 days of receipt. Products are examined before being shipped to you, but in the event your product arrives with a defect it will be replaced free of charge. Inspect your shipping box. If it looks damaged, make sure the products inside have all arrived safely.

Customer Instructions Regarding Shipping of Anything to Alkaline Water Plus

Whether it is a return or repair the way you ship anything to Alkaline Water Plus is very important. Improper shipping has been known to cause damage to equipment in almost all cases. Therefore, 1) make sure to wait for our RMA (return-merchandise-authorization) email before you ship (it will give you the proper way to safely ship), and 2) follow our instructions for safe shipping. The consequences of improper shipping are severe. You could potentially void your warranty, so please make sure to use due-diligence in following our guidelines.