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High-Rich Hydrogen Water Pitcher


Product Description

The High-Rich Hydrogen Water Pitcher is capable of producing high levels of hydrogen (even higher than the portable High Rich Machine). It does not have a battery, and is not portable. It must be plugged in to work. It holds about 1.4 liters (almost 6 cups) of water.

The High-Rich Pitcher has a base that plugs in, and when you sit the pitcher on the base it turns on and goes into high hydrogen-production-mode. After 15 minutes it goes into a slower, maintenance, mode for 45 more minutes. Whenever you pick up the pitcher from the base it turns off, and when you place it back down on the base it starts the cycle all over again. This is a strong machine, and the water gets very saturated with hydrogen after even the first 5 minutes, so if you want, you can remove it from the base and set it on the table by itself. Then start the cycle over again later, whenever you want.

DuPont Membrane

The High-Rich Hydrogen Water Pitcher uses the newest, June-2019, high-quality SPE/PEM membrane, made in the USA by DuPont. Cheaper membranes and flat plates used in other hydrogen machines produce hydrogen rich water which is great for skin and hair, but is potentially dangerous to drink, because it has harmful oxides in it. Only the DuPont membrane is capable of removing chlorine, ozone and harmful oxides, byproducts of the hydrogen production process.

Initial Set-Up of the High-Rich Hydrogen Machine Pitcher

Note...The initial set-up of the High-Rich Pitcher only needs to be done once. Because the High-Rich pitcher is bulky, you may need two people to do the initial set-up. If you want us to do the initial set up of the High-Rich pitcher for you instead, just ask in the comments section of the order form and we'll be happy to send you an already set up pitcher.

  1. Remove all plastic wrapping and wash the top clear plastic part of the pitcher and lid with warm water. Dry with soft paper towel or cloth.
  2. Separate the upper clear-plastic part of the pitcher from the bottom part by unscrewing them from each other.
  3. Clean each. The top part can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth.
  4. The bottom part should be lightly wiped with a damp cloth. Make sure to not ever immerse the outside of the bottom part in water.
  5. Remove the plug over the membrane and any other plastic coverings. Save the plug for future use.
  6. Once cleaned and dried, screw the two pieces back together to make a whole pitcher once more.
  7. Fill the pitcher half way with warm water and wait a minute to ensure there is no leak.
  8. If there is a leak, then tighten the top of the pitcher down onto the lower part a little tighter. Continue doing this until you are sure there is no leak coming from the joint where the two parts of the pitcher meet.

Hydrogen Machine Pitcher Use

  1. Insert the USB cable into the port on the side of the base, and plug it in.
  2. Fill the pitcher with water to just below the neck (rim).
  3. Place the pitcher onto the base.
  4. You will see it can be turned in almost any direction. 
  5. If the base is plugged in, the machine (pitcher) will instantly start to produce strong hydrogen rich drinking water.
  6. Notes:
    • Do not operate the High-Rich Hydrogen Water Pitcher without removing the membrane plug.
    • Do not operate the High-Rich Hydrogen Water Pitcher without water in it.
    • When the pitcher is empty, keep the lid on to prevent the membrane from drying out. You can also screw on the membrane plug if you won't be using the pitcher for a while.
    • Only use water in the machine. No chemicals, cleaners, carbonated beverage or other liquids.
    • Unplug the base of the pitcher when you are finished using it for the day or any time you don't think you need it.
    • Constant supply of electricity to the pitcher will wear it out faster than periodic use (as needed).
    • As with any electronics, the base should not be plugged in unmonitored when children are around.

Strong and Weak Levels of Hydrogen Water Production

  • The High-Rich Pitcher goes into a strong cycle of hydrogen production for the first 15 minutes.
  • After the strong cycle, if you still have it on the base, the machine continues to pump a smaller amount of hydrogen into the water. This is done as a convenience to you, to keep the water ready to drink whenever you want. 

How Does the High-Rich Pitcher Compare With the Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Machine?

I sell both of the High-Rich Pitcher and the Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water machine. Because I know them both very well, I can compare them accurately.

  • The Lourdes HS-72 Machine is made in Japan, vs the High-Rich Pitcher membrane made in the US and the remaining parts, plus assembly, in China.
  • The Lourdes HS-72 Hydrogen Water Pitcher can hold 60 ounces of water, which is more than the High-Rich Hydrogen Water Pitcher's 40-ounce capacity. 
  • The Lourdes HS-72 machine produces molecular hydrogen, similar to a hydrogen gas machine. This is done in the left side of the machine, using a slightly older version of DuPont's SPE/PEM membrane, and it pumps the hydrogen made into the bottom of the drinking-water-filled pitcher.  This process takes 10 to 30 minutes, depending on water volume in the pitcher and the strength of hydrogen desired.
  • The Lourdes HS-72 also has a filter for the water in the left side, which needs to be changed every 9 months.
  • The High-Rich Pitcher is purely a hydrogen-water maker. The SPE/PEM membrane acts as a filter for chlorine in the drinking water, and harmful byproduct of hydrogen-making are released as a gas through a port (hole) at the bottom of the pitcher.
  • The High-Rich Pitcher uses the same SPE/PEM technology (latest, June-2019 version) as the High Rich Hydrogen Water Machine, except it's a larger, stronger, membrane (to handle the size of the pitcher).
  • Both of these great hydrogen machines remove the nitrates, oxides and ozone (by-products of hydrogen-making). Only the High-Rich Hydrogen Water Machine also removes chlorine, because the SPE/PEM membrane removes chlorine and the High-Rich pitcher water goes directly through this membrane as it's pumping hydrogen. [With the Lourdes, HS-72 pitcher, the drinking-water doesn't go through the SPE/PEM membrane. It just sits in the pitcher and the hydrogen which is produced on the left side is pumped in from below....so therefore chlorine is not removed.]
  • Both hydrogen water pitchers have a 1-year warranty and are expected to last longer than that with proper care.


  • Keeping the Membrane Moist: It's best to use the High Rich Pitcher frequently throughout the day rather than just once or twice a day. If you don't use it frequently then it's suggested that you put the lid on to keep the machine from drying out. If it's going to be several days, see the next section if the membrane does dry out.


  • If the membrane dries out you won't see bubbles (which means it isn't pumping Molecular Hydrogen) until you moisten it back up again.
  • How to moisten the membrane back up: Fill the cup with pretty HOT (but not scalding) water and press the button to show the blue light. Let it run for about 10 seconds and then turn it off by pushing two more times. Let it sit for 1/2 hour. Then try it. It should work; you should see more bubbles.  If this doesn't work, try it again.  If you see improvement, but not good enough yet, then do it again. If you see no improvement in the amount of bubbles, then do the anti-scaling, described in the next section.


You may have to do periodic anti-scaling of your High-Rich Pitcher. How often will probably depend on your source water. Only do this if you notice the amount of bubbles generated is significantly reduced and you're pretty sure it's not just dried out. Here's how to do it.

  1. Put a mixture 1 part vinegar to 3 parts pretty HOT (but not scalding) water into the cup.
  2. Turn the machine on for 10 seconds.
  3. Turn the machine off and let it sit for 1/2 hour.
  4. Empty the solution from the cup, rinse and try it. If that doesn't work, try it again, but this time leave it overnight to soak. 


Hydrogen water machines offer the healing benefits of molecular hydrogen antioxidants without changing the pH of the water. They are not the same as water ionizers. See more on the Hydrogen Water Machines page. All hydrogen water machines, once used are only returnable if they are in like-new condition (meaning that all packaging, instructions, and parts are there and there is no sign of usage). You also must contact us within 10 days of receiving it. Provided the machine fits this definition of like-new, there is still a 20% re-stocking fee. If it doesn't fit this definition, we cannot take it back.


  • Operates on 110v
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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