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Hydrogen Water Machines

Hydrogen Water Machines

Hydrogen water machines are a new way to get very high levels of molecular hydrogen in our drinking water. If your body doesn't seem to need the alkalizing benefits of a water ionizer, a molecular hydrogen machine may be the best choice for you. Hydrogen water machines offer the healing benefits of molecular hydrogen without changing the pH of the water. For more explanation about hydrogen water benefits, go to our 100-Studies page or watch this video.



Hydrogen water (pure molecular hydrogen pumped into water) has been shown to have a huge number of benefits to health. I encourage you to read up on the healing ability of molecular hydrogen and over 100 of the scientific studies. Here is a fairly short video which does a good job summarizing the many benefits of hydrogen water.


We have tested many different brands of hydrogen water machines before offering our selection, above. We do our best to bring you what we feel is the best to offer in each category of product.

Hydrogen water machines (hydrogen water generators) are a great, economical way to consume antioxidant water which has not been ionized or split into 2 streams (alkaline/acidic) like a water ionizer does. Antioxidant rich hydrogen water has many benefits, and for a full explanation see the benefits of molecular hydrogen antioxidant water.

The two most practical ways to get hydrogen water at home are hydrogen water machines and water ionizers. Hydrogen water machines are a bit different than water ionizers. Both machines produce molecular hydrogen, but here's a simple list of differences:

  • Hydrogen water generators don't split the water into 2 streams or give off waste water to any great degree.
  • Hydrogen water machines don't alkalize the water, or if they do, it's very little.
  • A hydrogen water machine is really an "antioxidant water machine". It pumps molecular hydrogen into the water only, without changing the pH. 
  • Hydrogen water generators do not have many settings to choose from, just one setting.
  • We offer home hydrogen water generators. They are not meant for commercial use, and if they are used commercially their membranes will need replacement more frequently.
  • If you are primarily concerned about getting enough hydrogen infused water, and less concerned with the ability to alkalize your water, then the best match for you would be to purchase a hydrogen water generator.  


Hydrogen water machines offer the healing benefits of molecular hydrogen antioxidants without changing the pH of the water. They are not the same as water ionizers. See more on the Hydrogen Water Machines page. All hydrogen water machines, once used are only returnable if they are in like-new condition (meaning that all packaging, instructions, and parts are there and there is no sign of usage). Provided the machine fits this definition of like-new, there is still a 20% re-stocking fee. If it doesn't fit this definition, we cannot take it back.

Why Are Hydrogen Gas Machines on this Page?

Because hydrogen gas machines can be easily used to create hydrogen water, I'm placing them on this page to highlight that fact. You can pump hydrogen gas into any liquid with a hydrogen gas machine. The hydrogen water made by a hydrogen gas machine pumping hydrogen into the water for only a few minutes stores just as good as ionized water if you store it in vacuum sealed bottles.

How Are Hydrogen Water Machines Different From Water Ionizers?

The biggest difference between hydrogen water machines and water ionizers is that they don't alkalize the water. In my case my body needs and likes alkalizing, so my favorite antioxidant water machine is an electric water ionizer, but I do like a variety though. Some people do better getting their molecular hydrogen antioxidants pumped into neutral water. I personally like to have both kinds of ionizing machines, water ionizer and hydrogen machine, so I can have variety. There are many times during the day when I will get my antioxidant water from one of my home hydrogen generators (simply for variety). I like the extra boost of molecular hydrogen that gets pumped into these machines.

Do-It-Yourself Hydrogen Water vs. Bottled Water

Our whole website focuses on do-it-yourself hydrogen water vs bottled water, because there is no other conceivable way to buy molecular hydrogen water than to make your own with either a hydrogen water machine or water ionizer.

You cannot buy this water at the store, period. Hydrogen is a very light gas and without storing it in a vacuum sealed bottle it has a half-life of about 2 hours. Once the hydrogen is pumped into your water after if it's left out in a glass, pitcher, or plastic bottle, in about 2 hours there will be half the amount of molecular hydrogen in that water. Two more hours later you can expect only one fourth of the original molecular hydrogen levels, and so on. After a day, you no longer have antioxidant water. We suggest that if you want the highest antioxidant water from your hydrogen water machine then you should either bring the hydrogen water machine with you to work or get some vacuum stainless bottles to store the water in. This way you can take water to work with you, that still has lots of molecular hydrogen in it when you drink it hours after pouring.

Learn how molecular hydrogen fights disease

Comparing Hydrogen Water Machines

  • HS-72 Hydrogen Water Generator: 
    • Can get up to 1.2 ppm of molecular hydrogen
    • Not particularly portable. Sits on counter
    • Uses whatever water you pour into the pitcher
    • Takes 10-20 minutes to pump hydrogen into the water (depending on if you fill it with 1 or 2 liters of water)
    • Uses SPE/PEM technology (doesn't add chlorine, ozone or nitrogen to water)
  • High-Rich Hydrogen Water Machine:
    • Can get up to 1.2 ppm of molecular hydrogen
    • Portable
    • Holds up to 10 ounces of water
    • Uses whatever water you pour into the cup
    • Takes 5-7 minutes to pump hydrogen into the water.
    • Alternately, can hook it directly to a bottle of your choice
    • Has rechargable battery which can get up to 10 uses before needing to be recharged.
    • Uses SPE/PEM technology (actually removes chlorine, ozone and nitrogen from water)
  • Hydrogen Gas Machines can also bring the hydrogen content of any liquid up to about 1.2 ppm of hydrogen by placing the hose into water (or other liquid) for several minutes. For anyone who wants to pump hydrogen into juice, soup, or other liquids, a hydrogen gas machine is the only way to do it. Also, hydrogen gas machines are great for inhaling too.

Caution: Some Brands of Hydrogen Water Machines are Unhealthy

Some brands of Hydrogen water machines are dangerous (those where solid plate technology is used), because toxic ozone (a byproduct of hydrogen production) is released into the drinking water in these machines. All of the cheaper brands of hydrogen water machines and even most of the more expensive brands of hydrogen water machines use this type of solid membrane in their machine. Be very careful where you buy your hydrogen water machine from. The hydrogen water and hydrogen gas machines that we sell are the highest quality (DuPont made SPE/PEM membranes or MEA membranes from DuPont), which do not have any of these toxic byproducts. This video explains and demonstrates why you should always use SPE/PEM technology when producing hydrogen water from an electric hydrogen water generator.