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Hydrogen Water Machines


Hydrogen water machines are a bit different than water ionizers, and here's the simple explanation:

  • Hydrogen machines pump molecular hydrogen antioxidants into the water only.
  • Hydrogen water generators don't split the water into 2 streams or give off waste water to any great degree.
  • Hydrogen machines don't alkalize the water, or if they do, it's very little.
  • Hydrogen water generators do not have many settings to choose from, just one setting.

The biggest difference with hydrogen machines is that they don't alkalize the water. In my case my body needs and likes alkalizing, so my favorite is an electric water ionizer, but not everyone's body is like that. Some people do better getting their molecular hydrogen antioxidants pumped into neutral water. I personally like to have both kinds of ionizing machines, water ionizer and hydrogen machine, so I can have variety.