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External Mineral Port & Sediment Catcher

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The external mineral port or sediment catcher is really a very small external filter. Note: It catches only the larger pieces of sediment, about the size the naked eye can see. It can also be used as an external mineral port, and is very handy to use for any water ionizer owner whose machine doesn't have a mineral port. Whether or not minerals are in the port, the gadget acts as an extra sediment filter. When you want to add minerals to your source water in order to boost ionization, the port allows you to do that. But, make sure to check with your water ionizer manufacturer or sales rep to make sure rock salt in an external mineral port can be used with your water ionizer.

Another use for the port is to add siliphos scale guard crystals to reduce scaling. Siliphos is always safe to use with any water ionizer and actually helps to protect the ionizer from scaling. Make sure to use only solid crytals (i.e., no granulated minerals) in this filter.

To install this, you would simply decide where you want to place it (in the 1/4 inch water line that feeds your water ionizer). Then cut the line at that spot and push both ends of the hose into the quick-connect fittings on either end of this device. Make sure you use the arrows to guide you in determining which direction the water will flow through the filter.