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In-Line Sediment Filter

Usually ships in 24 hours.

This in-line sediment filter is a great filter! It will remove undesirable sediment and particles and save the life of your more expensive filters! Under normal circumstances this filter will last about a year. If you are installing a prefilter, filter system, reverse osmosis or water ionizer you will usually have much more expensive filters to replace. This in-line sediment filter can make your regular filters last longer and protect the life of your water ionizer!

The In-Line Sediment Filter is US Food and Drug Association and Water Quality Association certified. 

Maximum Flow Rate: 4 liters per minute
Maximun Pressure: 60-70 P.S.I.

Please Note: This filter has an arrow on it. The filter should be installed so as to have the water flow in the direction of the arrow.

Ordering With or Without Fittings

The default is to get the sediment filter without the optional two John Guest quick-connect elbow fittings. Since these fittings can be purchased in your local hardware store and they can be re-used for years and years, you are saving money by selecting the default option when ordering replacement filters. We have priced the extra fittings very low for you, so if you are purchasing this filter for the first time and need the fittings, opting for those will most likely save you money.

This sediment filter is easy hook-up with quick-connect fittings.

For those who opt to include the fittings: The default is to send you elbow-fittings (as pictured), but if you want straight fittings instead just let us know in the comment section of the order form.