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Male Threaded Faucet Adapters


Male Threaded Faucet Adapters help to hook up a diverter to faucets that are not the usual, standard, size or shape. These are male-threaded adapters to connect female-threaded aerators and diverters together. 

  • Small: Connects 18-20 mm aerator female port to a 22 mm standard diverter port
  • Medium: Connects 20-22 mm aerator female port  to a 22 mm standard diverter port (Note: This adapter is often included in diverter sets.)
  • Three-Way: Same as "Medium" except also has added female threading to connect to a 20 mm standard male-threaded port.
  • Extra-Long: Four sizes, as pictured. These extra-long adapters come in handy with the newer types of pull-out faucets, which tend to have more deeply-seated aerators. 

 Note: Standard Diverters have female threading and will fit male 20-22 mm aerators or adapters.