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PureEasy Replacement Filters


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All PureEasy Filters are high-quality and will last for over 3,000 gal.  each. There are 4 choices for filter replacements for your PureEasy filter system. All are equally priced. Use the drop-down menu, below, to make your selection. Here is the description of each filter.

3-Stage Ceramic Filter [CM05a] 

The CM05a is found as the final filter in a lot of PureEasy Filter Systems. It has an outer shell of natural, high-quality .5M ceramic. It is so fine it will remove particles even as small as most bacteria. It naturally removes all sediment from the water, and is washable! It's a great final filter, because of its ability to improve the taste of the water.

3-Stage Partially Ceramic Filter [CM05]

This filter contains the same ingredients as the PureEasy CM05a, but is usually found as the first filter in the PureEasy 2 Filter System. The difference is the order of the filter-media. Carbon is last in this filter, which is meant to improve taste as the last filter-stage. The sides of this 3-stage filter are made of natural, high-quality .1M ceramic. It is so fine it will remove particles even as small as most bacteria.

This 3 stage filter works on its own or in conjunction with other filters to purify city water. It removes rust, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, organic pollutants, chemicals, disinfection byproducts, unpleasant taste and odors and inhibits bacterial growth!

3-Stage Bacteria/Fungus/Virus Removing Filter [CM02] 

CM02 is the replacement filter for the Primary Well-Water Filter System, Well Water Deluxe Filter System, and Bacteria Filter. It can also be used as the 1st or last filter in any of the PureEasy filter systems as extra protection against bacteria, algae, fungus and viruses. This 3-Stage filter [CM02] does the same thing as the CM05, except it is even finer. It will remove all micro-organisms and even viruses from the water. It can basically transform lake water into drinkable water if you could hook your water filter up to the lake.

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