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H2 Prefilter System For City Water with Fluoride

Usually ships in 24 hours.

H2 stands for double housing filter set. The H2 is a double protection pre-filter set up which is perfect for most city water. This is a double protection pre-filter set up which is great for most city water. It has two stages of heavy-duty, long-lasting filtration. [1/4 inch hosing not included.]

Each filter is estimated to be good for 1500 gallons, about a year of use. The H2 comes with two filters.

KDF 55: KDF filters are very high quality filters which specialize in removing inorganics, heavy metals and chlorine, while also using Granular activated coconut-shell carbon to remove organic matter. KDF filter media controls scale, bacteria and algae. The KDF 55 filter removes: sediment, chlorine, lead, mercury, arsenic, copper, scale, lime, VOCs THMs, and much more! If you want to also remove sulfur and iron, in addition to all items removed by KDF 55, then choose the KDF 85 option. The default first filter is the KDF 55 heavy metal filter which is also able to remove chlorine & chloramine.  

KDF 85: For an additional $10.00 we offer the option of KDF 85 instead of KDF 55. KDF 85 will handle everything that KDF 55 handles, plus it removes sulphur, iron and chloramine. If you have any concerns about odors or colors in your water I would suggest the KDF 85 filter option.

ALF: The second filter removes fluoride, arsenic, lead hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, carbon dioxide, alcohols, and ethers. You can look for these filters separately on the Water Filters & Prefilter Systems page.

If you want to switch either filter with an alternate filter, let us know in the comment box of the order form.

Optional Filter Faucet, Hoses & Connectors

We offer an optional, attractive, chrome filter faucet, which comes with  installation connectors & hoses. You can hook the H2 Prefilter System For City Water with Fluoride to this faucet, use your own existing one, or purchase another locally. 

Filter #1:

Default: Heavy Metal Reduction Cartridge: KDF 55 [or you can upgrade to KDF 85]  See more about these filters, above.

Filter # 2:

Arsenic/Lead/Fluoride Filter: is the only reliable filter media for effective fluoride removal. This filter media will remove up to 99% of fluoride, arsenic, & lead. It does so by attracting the fluoride to it, chemically, at which time the fluoride is then trapped forever in the filter. Fluoride is such a small element that it even gets through reverse osmosis and distillation units, however it won't get through this filter once it's bonded to the activated alumina filter media. Even if you're not concerned about fluoride, because you have well water you will still be likely to want the Activated Alumina filter, because it is the #1 filtration method for removal of arsenic [which is tasteless and can affect wells seasonally so does not always show up on tests.] Filter removes arsenic, lead, fluoride, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, carbony sulfide, alcohols and ethers.

Note: Pre-filters usually need to be replaced every 1000 - 1500 gallons (about 1 year on average).

Return Policy on Filters: We sell only the highest quality filters and inspect every batch in our facility. All filter sales are final. There are no refunds on filters for any reason. If a filter was damaged in shipping we will send a replacement and the damaged filter must be returned to us within 10 business days or we must charge full price for it.