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Water Ionizer Discounts


Did You Miss a Sale?

No worries if you missed a sale or wished you had an honest water ionizer coupon code, contact us for the latest and best honest coupon codes. 

BEWARE! Water Ionizer Coupon Codes and the Websites Who Offer Them!

The scam of offering coupon codes is growing like a weed. Watch out for them! These are potentially dangerous websites. The promise of saving money is the way they lure you into clicking their link. The coupon code website itself may not seem dangerous, but clicking on and downloading their "coupon codes" is.

Coupon code websites are NOT AUTHORIZED. Why do they do it? These websites have an agenda, but it's not to help the customer. They usually load codes, viruses, or sometimes even steal data from your computer and browser. I liken them to terrorists.

The gimmick of websites devoted to Coupon Codes is a mysterious new danger. My advise is: don't even click on the website.

These coupon code websites have an agenda that is devious. I don't think honest coupon code sites exist for any product, but I'm certain their are no honest water ionizer coupon code websites. Trying to find an honest coupon code website could put your computer at risk.

One day I searched for honest coupon code websites and came up empty. I searched "water ionizer coupon codes" "AlkaViva coupon codes" and "AlkalineWaterPlus coupon codes" mostly. I found dozens of fake "coupon code websites" that offered "AlkalineWaterPlus" and other water ionizer coupon codes. Since I'm the owner of AlkalineWaterPlus. I can assure you they were all FAKE and unauthorized coupon codes.

Why Do Coupon Code Websites Pull This Scam?

I can't see anything coupon code websites have to gain other than confusing people or possibly stealing their data and selling it. There are so many new sites cropping up every day, offering Coupon Codes. I imagine they must be profiting from it somehow. Here is a partial list of the Discount and Coupon Code websites to watch out for: Discountbandit.com, Couponbirds.com; Dontpayfull.com; Promocodetime.com; Webbyplanet.com; Couponchief.com; Prmdeal.com; Couponupto.com; Valuecom.com; Couponsplusdeals.com; Greenpromocode.com; and the list goes on for pages and pages of searching.

It is actually a danger to your computer's health to click on strange sites like this. None of these people are who they say they are. I realized after looking through all their lies: site after site -- just one fabricated coupon code after another -- that these people must be criminals. So my best advice is when it comes to COUPON CODE WEBSITES: don't click those links. 

Here's How to Get Discounts from AlkalineWaterPlus

  1. If you want true discounts with no gimmicks, contact us directly, or read further down this page to see other discounts and bargains we already standardly offer.
  2. You can also Give a Google Review to receive a special one-time coupon code for 10% off anything.
  3. If you see a hint of a discount offer around the internet, instead of clicking the link, just send us a request to match that offer. 

I want to help you in every way I possibly can to experience the benefits of ionized water, like I have. Twenty-five years ago, when I got my first water ionizer, I had no idea of the benefits that one purchase would give me. Now I'm 50% older and 100% healthier than I was back then, and that's why every time we offer a sale or discount I celebrate my freedom and my health. See my story.

At Alkaline Water Plus we offer discounts wherever possible. We like to help customers to be able to afford to buy a water ionizer. We also offer payplans for electric water ionizers. We even offer payplan options to you if you are buying a discounted water ionizer. 


If you ever see a product of ours for sale elsewhere at a better price, we will match it. Matching a price will not sacrifice the other benefits we offer, such as pay plans, satisfaction guarantees and our sterling customer service.

If you're not sure if you've missed a sale or not, just contact us and we will give you a great deal! 

We Often Have Like-New, Display-Models, Demo-Models, Water Ionizers!

Alkaline Water Plus is offering huge discounts on like-new, barely-used, demo-model water ionizers!  We call these "Like-New Water Ionizers", because when we receive them back we fully check them out and make sure every detail is perfect. You will receive the full warranty that you would get with a new water ionizer and our standard 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Please call for availability, or see this page: Water Ionizer Like-New Models.

Barely used demo models (usually with less than 50 gallons of use) occasionally come in and we refurbish them by 1) fully testing and quality-checking them, 2) inserting new accessories or hoses if they don't appear to be in "brand-new" condition. Any time a water ionizer comes in that is in less than perfect, like-new, condition, we send it to the manufacturer to repair first. If it is a cosmetic issue, such as a little scratch, then we describe the damage on the product page and reduce the price further, accordingly.

All of our like-new water ionizers are new models that were either only used in testing or only used barely. They are sold with the full warranty and a brand new 60-day satisfaction guarantee period!

For all the above reasons, like-new water ionizers are no compromise of quality. They have the extra advantage of having been fully tested and quality-checked by us. You really lose nothing.

Used Water Ionizers

We don't sell "used" water ionizers, other than the new, barely-used models described in the like-new water ionizers section, above.