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Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer


Product Description

The Chanson Miracle water ionizer is compact, allowing you to use up less space on your counter. At 11 pounds, the Chanson Miracle is the smallest water ionizer machine that we sell, but it packs a good punch. It has 7 large plates and uses variable watts [up to 150 maximum]. The Chanson Miracle water ionizer is also a programmable water ionizer. The control panel on the Chanson Miracle water ionizer is scratch and fade resistant. One of the things people really like about the Chanson Miracle is it's small size and nice appearance. Here's a picture of Ronnie Ruiz showing off the size and appearance of the Chanson Miracle water ionizer.


Additional Benefit: Removes Fluoride

The Chanson Miracle water ionizer is one of the water ionizer that Dr. Robert O. Young advocates. Customers can program this water ionizer to be stronger or weaker at the various alkaline and acidic levels. This way you can fine-tune the Chanson Miracle ionizer to your water quality and your needs.

Alkaline Water Plus has tested the Chanson Miracle water ionizer and finds it to be a good, mid-priced water ionizer. We like working with the ChansonWater company, and think you will too. ChansonWater has been working with ionized water for 10 years and with water filtration for over 35 years. They are quite expert in the ability to manufacture high-quality water ionizers.

The Chanson Alkaline Water company recommends that you provide additional filtration for your Chanson ionizer if you have any source water issues, whatsoever. The small filter that comes in the Chanson ionizer will filter chlorine, heavy metals, and other chemicals, but is limited by its size and type. That's why city residents buying Chanson water ionizers are encouraged to purchase the C3 prefilter system to go along with all Chanson ionizers.

Plate-Cleaning: The Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer uses intermittent reverse polarity

The Chanson company stands behind the Chanson Miracle water ionizer for a full 5 years parts and 10 years labor warranty. See the bottom of this page for a full description of the Chanson Water Ionizers Warranties. https://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/water-ionizers-filters/chanson-water-ionizers-filters/

Qualifies for free shipping and 60-day satisfaction guarantee in US and Canada. For a limited time if you order a Chanson Miracle water ionizer you can get a C3 prefilter system with it for no extra charge. However, the C3 prefilter is not refundable once you pour water through it.  If you request a free C3 filter system with  Chanson Miracle water ionizer, the ionizer has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, but not the C3. In the event of returns, the C3 retail price, if used, would be deducted from your refund.


2.7 sections water quality micro-adjust function: 4 alkaline water and 1 neutral water and 2 acidic water
Dimentions 4 3/4 inches deep x 8 3/4 inches wide x 12 1/2 inches tall
Installation Can be installed on the counter or mounted to a wall or cabinet
Sensors and Alerts Flow Rate Sensor; Hot Water Alert; Low Pressure alert; Filter Changing Alert
Child-Proof Features PH Lock to Prevent Children from Choosing the Wrong PH for Drinking
LCD Display Shows PH, time, Alerts

Othe Features:

  • Comes with complete installation kit. Unless your faucet is very unusual, you will have all the parts you need to hook the Chanson Miracle to your faucet.
  • It also comes with a pH test kit, so you can measure your results, ensuring you have it set up correctly.
  • The Silver impregnated carbon filter, installed, helps to reduce lead and is anti-bacterial.
  • Advanced circuit board
  • Triple Self Cleaning System
  • Mineral port

Installation Videos:






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