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Intro to Cancer and Disease

by Cathleen LoGrasso [Alkaline Water Plus]

If you already have cancer or another disease you should know that even if you "cure" it, it's likely to return if you don't change what got you into the situation in the first place. Alkaline ionized water is not a cure, it's a way for you to change what you're doing so your cells can be healthier.

A water ionizer shouldn't be used as a stand-alone curative device, but rather as a part of the overall plan of treatment - absolutely! This video shows some extensive laboratory testing of rats and mice. At about 2-minutes into the video you can see the doctor/researchers giving ionized water to one group and regular tap water to another group of mice and rats who were injected with cancer cells. As you can see, drinking ionized water restricted the cancer growth drastically in all cases, yet did not completely stop it.

Ionized water helps cancer patients in several ways. By drinking alkaline, ionized water, you can help counteract the acids in the foods and drinks you consume. By having more balancing pH buffers within your body, you can then increase your chances for maintaining optimal pH balance inside the cells and this will improve overall health. Please note: The goal of drinking alkaline ionized water is to improve the pH balance and not to overwhelm the cancer cells with a toxically high pH.

Ionized water also is rich in antioxidants which helps you to combat the effects of oxidation in the body. 

Ionized water brings more healthy oxygen to the cells by way of ridding the body of free radicals. 

The Importance of WATER

Dehydration is a factor in many major health problems. Common effects of dehydration can include: low energy, migraines, type II diabetes, hypertension, weight gain, low back pain and colon problems. I'll bet the last thing 99% of the population thinks when they get a headache, back pain or heartburn is that they should go drink water. We are often trained to not like water, take it for granted or completely disregard it. Positively charged tap water is not very hydrating, and I believe people intuitively know that. Ionized water is clearly different. This powerful alkalizing, anti-oxidant water provides superior hydration to your cells. Alkaline ionized water filters [water ionizers] reduce the size of the water molecule clusters, resulting in significantly better hydration per glass, which means a lot more oxygen can reach and actually be used by your cells.

Ionized Water and Disease

The benefits of reducing your body's acidity has long been recognized in the medical profession even in the United States. Researchers believe that disease is caused by excess acidity in our cells which weakens all body systems. Caused by our high stress lifestyles, diets, and pollutants, body-acidification affects virtually everyone. Excess body acidity forces the body to rob minerals [calcium and magnesium] from the body's reserves in the bones and joints. Read More: Aging and Degenerative Disease, by Sang Wang

Dave Perkins [about the Masterpiece water ionizer] 

I have gone from a terminal cancer patient to a terminal cancer survivor. My body shows no signs of non hodgkins tcell lymphoma.

"My Health And Vigor Have Returned !!!!"

America is #1...for Colon Cancer and Disease!

Related to cancer and disease, you do have some choice. You do NOT have to become a Statistic! This is an area where one does NOT want to come in at first place. Sadly though, recent statistics reveal that at least half of all Americans are suffering from 1-5 chronic illnesses. This alarming situation is largely due in part to the Western diet that full of acidic foods and beverages.

Here are some facts that YOU need to know:

  • Cases of Colon Disease have never been more Prevalent.
    According to the highly reputable Merck Manual, colon degeneration and disease is on the rise. More specifically, the incidence of diverticulosis, a type of hernia, has increased dramatically over the past 40 years. In 1950, only 10% of Americans had this disease, but that number had already grown to nearly 50% by 1987.
  • Colon Cancer Kills 400% more People than AIDS.
    It also kills even more American men and women than breast and prostate cancer.
  • Just this year alone, 60,000 Americans will Die from Colon-Rectal Cancer.
    An additional 125,000 cases of the disease will be diagnosed, as well.
  • Up to Half of All Americans have Polyps in their Colon.
    The majority of these polyps will eventually mutate into malignant cancer tumors.
  • It is widely recognized in the medical profession that a healthy & clean colon is one of the most important precursors to good health and that the great majority of body ailments and diseases originate in an acidic and dirty colon.
This video examines the colons [through colonoscopies] showing before and after drinking alkaline ionized water and eating a prescribed alkaline rich diet.

Cancer Survivor Demonstrates Ionized Water

Dr. Ross Anderson, a Naturopathic doctor, claims to have beat cancer with alkaline ionized water. Dr. Anderson has created a series of very short videos that he made as an introduction to alkaline ionized water for his patients’ benefit. I think these introductory water ionizer videos might serve other doctors with their patients as well. If you are a doctor reading this post, please consider trying a water ionizer for yourself as Dr. Ross did. Dr. Ross was in a desperate situation when he decided to try a water ionizer.   

Some of the popular uses for a water ionizer are:

  • Medium Alkaline Water: Used for drinking, cooking and obtaining the health benefits described above.
  • Strong Alkaline Water: Used for cleaning pesticides off of fresh vegetables. Also, with grease-cutting properties strong alkaline water can be used as a mild chemical-free detergent for your fine clothing. It even will break up stubborn stains.
  • Medium Acid Water: Used as natural a skin toner. Also used as final rince water for your hair [to add that extra bounce and shine to your hair]. Also used to water plants [plants love this!]
  • Strong Acid Water: Used for killing germs on contact  

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