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Storing Ionized Water: Which Container is Best?

March 10, 2011 | Alkaline Water

I recently did a series of tests to determine …

Which Container is Best for Storing Ionized Water?

I often get this question from my water ionizer customers, and have been working on discovering the very best methods of storing ionized water for a while now. So far, I’ve discovered that leaving no gap of air inside the container makes a huge difference in the ability to store ionized water and retain the ORP [antioxidant value], which usually escapes in just a few hours of storage. Also, glass appears to be the best container for retaining the ORP and pH values of the ionized water the longest.

The three containers I used in this trial were: 1) a glass jar [the kind used for jamming], 2) a plastic, BPA free, jar with a pull-type top, and 3) a dark, plastic, BPA-free container with a flip-type spout.  The water ionizer I used was the Jupiter Athena water ionizer.

The videos are all posted here in order. Beginning/pouring note: I filled each container to the brim in attempts to have no air-gap in the bottle at all. The second container was impossible to do this completely because of the cap design. I tested them at different intervals and have posted the results, below, on a chart for your easy reference.

Ionized WaterFrom Athena Water Ionizer






2/19 After Pouring


2/20 17 Hours Later




2/20 After Pouring


2/20 2 Hours Later




Conclusions: The glass jar is best for storing ionized water, however if you’re drinking the water within a couple of hours, using a plastic, bpa-free, container filled to the brim is good too. The flip-top lid appears to be a bad design for retaining ORP. So avoid lids that have a way for gas to escape.

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