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At Alkaline Water Plus we constantly look for authenticated research into the effects of using alkaline ionized water with animals and with people. The videos we have collected on this page are particularly helpful, because of the ease of viewing and the increased reliability of the information relayed. With many of the videos we have also included transcripts that you can look at in a separate window while watching the video or print off and use as a reference. When you are finished with all the awesome information on this page, we invite you to also visit many related pages ...listed in a chart at the bottom of this page. 

Controlled Experiments: Ionized Water and Mice & Rats

The Japanese have done extensive research into alkaline ionized water. These experiments with mice and rats are pretty impressive. The tests, shown in this video, were done in laboratory, controlled conditions and show without a doubt that alkaline ionized water has made significant improvements in multiple health-related conditions, i.e. diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, and more. 
The ionized water used in these experiments utilized magnesium in the presence of magnetized ceramics which causes the water to spontaneously ionize. This type of "portable", non-electric, water ionization is utilized in the WellBlue pitcher.

Mice Experiments:


Controlled Experiments: Raising Chickens

These experiments with chickens are pretty impressive too. The tests, shown in this video, were done in controlled, scientific conditions and show without a doubt that alkaline ionized water has made significant improvements in the overall health and immune systems of chickens.

Chicken Experiments:


Ionized Water Used to Cure Atopic Dermatitis: Hospital Rept.

Atopic dermatitis is an illness accompanied by intense itching. Its cause is unknown. It has been found that this almost incurable illness can now be cured using ionized water.

This report is from Akashi Hospital in Tokyo, Japan. It shows how Dr. Shinkai has cured thousands of patients with atopic dermatitis using both alkaline and acidic ionized water.

Ionized Water Used to Cure Diabetic Necrosis

Because of Diabetic Necrosis this hospital patient was almost about to have his leg cut off. He was cured of this condition using ionized water.

This report is from  using both alkaline and acidic ionized water.

Ionized Water Used to Cure Athletes Foot, Bed Sores & More

This report shows several more serious medical problems being cured with alkaline and acidic ionized water.

Research Using Ionized Water for Colon Health

This video examines patient's colons [through colonoscopies] showing before and after drinking alkaline ionized water and eating a prescribed alkaline rich diet.

Ionized Water & Pregnancy

Quote from Top Geinegologist in Japan

Prof. Watanabe Ifao, Watanabe Hospital

"Ionized alklaine antioxidant water improves body constituents and ensures effective healing to many illnesses. The uses of antioxidant water in gynecological patients have proved to be very effective. The main reason for its effectiveness is that this water can neutralize toxins. When given antioxidant water to pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, the results are most significant. During my long years of servicing the pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, I found that the women with pre-eclamptic toxemia who consumed antioxidant water tend to deliver healthier babies with stronger muscles. A survey report carried out on babies in this group showed intelligence above average."

Ionized Water & a Healthy Intestine

Effects on Alkaline Ionized Water on Cecum

by Takashi Hayakawa, Chicko Tushiya, Hisanori Onoda, Hisayo Ohkouchi (Gifu University, Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of Food Science)

Note: The Cecum is a large pouch that is at the beginning of the large intestine [also called "gut"].

"We have found that long‐term ingestion of alkaline ionized water reduces cecal fermentation in rats that were given highly fermentable commercial diet (MF: Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd.). In this experiment, rats were fed MF and test water (tap water, alkaline ionized water with pH at 9 and 10) for about 3 months. Feces were collected on the 57th day, and the rats were dissected on the 88th day. The amount of ammonium in fresh feces and cecal contents as well as cecal free‐glucose tended to drop down for the alkaline ionized water group."

Ionized Water: Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Prof. Kuninaka Hironage, Head of Kuninaka Hospital

"The effectiveness of the increase in the calcium in high blood pressure is most significant. Too many fats in the diets, which lead to the deposition of cholesterol on the blood vessels, which in turn constrict the blood flow, cause most illnesses such as high blood pressure."

"By drinking ionized water for a period of 2 to 3 months, the blood pressure should slowly drop, because the ionized water is a good solvent, which dissolves the cholesterol in the blood vessels."

Dr. Ross Anderson

Dr. Ross Anderson, a Naturopathic doctor. Dr. Anderson was in a desperate situation when he decided to try a water ionizer. He had cancer. He has beaten his cancer with an alkaline diet, which of course included alkaline ionized water.

This first video Dr. Ross explains why alkaline ionized water helps with constipation and other intestinal problems.

In this second video, Dr. Anderson explains why reverse osmosis is good and why it's bad. He concludes that a reverse osmosis unit, followed by a remineralizer is a great choice for "source water" to put in a water ionizer, but he cannot recommend it by itself.

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