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Water Ionizers, Weight Loss

Water Ionizers & Weight Loss

Introduction to Water Ionizers and Weight Loss

by Cathleen LoGrasso [Alkaline Water Plus]

Weight management is a touchy subject, and losing weight is definitely easier for some people than others, however for me weight management has been consistently easier since I purchased my first water ionizer back in 1993. I am no longer touchy about weight loss, because I know if I go on a cruise or other vacation whatever weight I gain will be able to come off...I'm not worried about it anymore. Drinking ionized water has definitely given me a real advantage in achieving my weight management goals, and it's easier now for me to keep my weight in check now at 61 than it was when I was 40!

I have found that since I started drinking ionized water, weight management or weight loss is no longer a source of anxiety for me. It wasn't that I was fat-fat, but I was clearly overweight, alright -- fat, and I seemed to have hit a permanent plateau in any weight-loss efforts I attempted. 

There are many contributing factors to obesity that alkaline ionized water helps with: pH buffers, energy, and dehydration.

If you have weight issues You will watch the CNN special report [video], below and also buy or borrow a copy of Dr. Young's book.

What Do Water Ionizers Have to Do With Weight Loss?

Water Ionizers help your cells to become healthier and you to alkalize your body. Both of these things help you to lose weight.  

The Importance of WATER

Our bodies are 2/3 water. So the kind and quality of water you drink MAKES A DIFFERENCE. A bed-salesman once told me that since people spend 1/3 of each day sleeping, the kind of bed they have deserves extra attention. He was right. I bought a better bed than I planned for originally, and never regretted that decision.

Back in 1993, when I bought my first water ionizer, I watched a presentation all about the importance of water in the body, and decided then that water deserves to have more importance placed on it. I have rejoyced over that decision many hundreds [or even thousands] of times since then.

I'll bet the last thing 99% of the population thinks when they get can't lose weight is that they should go drink water. We are often trained to not like water, take it for granted or completely disregard it. Positively charged tap water is not very hydrating, and I believe people intuitively know that. Ionized water is clearly different. This powerful alkalizing, anti-oxidant water provides superior hydration to your cells. Alkaline ionized water filters [water ionizers] reduce the size of the water molecule clusters, resulting in significantly more hydration per glass, which means more oxygen to your cells to give you more energy while you try to lose weight.

Body fat is acidic and full of toxins.

When you lose weight, the fats that come out of your cells are ACIDIC. These fats must go into the bloodstream to be eliminated, but sometimes your body won't let this happen.

Buffering is a must!

Alkaline ionized water buffers the acids and allows safe removal of the acids and toxins from your body. "Safety" is the key word here. Your body is not going to allow any fats or toxins to be eliminated if it perceives it as a threat. So, that's why buffering is so important.

Alkaline ionized water provides your body with a continuous stream of alkaline buffers to neutralize the acidic fats that your body wants to release when you're losing weight.

Weight loss can be a multi-faceted problem

It can be a very frustrating endeavor if you only know or apply part of the facts about effective weight management. If you are more than a little overweight, it is not a simple one-step fix. I encourage you, if you have weight problems, to educate yourself, eat right [proper food combining], focus on more raw vegetables than cooked [or only slightly cook them], eat fat [that's right...just don't overdo it and make sure it's the right fats], join a health club, and exercize in addition to drinking alkaline ionized water.

Weight Loss, Exercise and Energy

One thing that I have [and I hear this from customers all over] is ENERGY! Alkaline ionized water helps to reduce oxidation of cells, therefore making your cells healthier and gives your body lots of energy! I often hear from people who exercise that if they stop every 10 minutes of exercise to take a long drink of ionized water that it helps them get into "the zone" quicker and stay there! I've also heard many reports of cramping being eliminated or reduced by drinking ionized water intermittantly during exercise.

Good Reading:

A book I highly recommend for anyone with weight issues is: The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, by Dr. Robert O. Young. Dr. Young discusses how with people who have weight problems their fat is actually saving them. He explains how the acidic wastes become trapped in cells and so much more. I highly suggest the book. Here is a very informative video of a CNN interview with Dr. Young about his book.

Quotes from the Transcript:

  • "Doctor Robert Young says the secret to permanent weight loss comes down to acid and the ph balance in your blood."
  • "You can lose an average of a half a pound minimum a day."
  • "And when we'd become over acidic,that's when the body goes into preservation-mode and that's when the body starts holding on to fat...

Here are some of the specific reasons I recommend Dr. Young's book:

  • Dr. Young has expertise in analyzing the live blood of his clients. By regulating the body chemistry of his clients [eg., pH & ORP] through the change of pH and ORP of the foods [and water] consumed, he was able to see the clients' blood change, and as the blood changed its chemistry the clients lost weight in every case.
  • Dr. Young has learned much over the years about the role of fats in the diet and he explains the subject of fat in the diet very thoroughly and yet simply. This information and the information about protein is VERY important for everyone to know, but crucial to the success of anyone on a diet plan.
  • The recipes are awesome!

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