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17-Ounce Silver Stainless Triple-Iinsulated Water Bottle

Usually ships in 24 hours.

Our 17-Ounce Silver Stainless Triple-Insulated Water Bottle s tested to be a perfect storage container for alkaline ionized water. 

  • Sweatproof
  • Keeps cold for 24 hours.
  • Keeps hot for 8 hours.
  • Preserves antioxidant-levels of ionized water 8 hours.
  • Triple thermal insulated 

As with any of the other water bottles we sell, fill the bottle all the way to the top and then screw on the lid. Once the bottle is no longer full, the ORP will dissipate faster.

Storing ionized water is a challenge! We’ve had customers asking us about ionized water storage for years, and before these vacuum stainless steel water bottles we could only recommend mason jars. Most bottles will not work well to store ionized water, because there needs to be no air bubble to let the anti-oxidants within the alkaline water escape. But, with the plunger-lid, any air-bubble pushes out just before hitting the O-ring and sealing it. So, it's a great design!

Care of Water Bottles

It is not suggested to use a dishwasher or harsh detergents with these bottles, because you may damage the exterior finish. A gentle, easy wash with mild temperature water is all you will ever need. Dropping them will damage them. 

Is a Metal Water Bottle Safe for Storing Ionized Water?

According to our water ionizer engineers...absolutely! But, only the highest-quality stainless steel will do. Lab tests show storing, alkaline ionized water in our #304 [commercial-food-grade] stainless is safe. See below for a link to lab results of storing ionized water for several days in these vacuum stainless bottles. It shows excellent results, with no toxins, whatsoever, getting into the water.

What if Water Hardness Forms a Layer of Calcium inside the Water Bottle?

No worries! That is one of the glorious things about these commercial/food-grade water bottles. You never have to worry that your bottle will start to look like it has a white film on the inside of it. Why? Because you can't see through these water bottles. The whitish calcium-film is not harmful, it's actually healthy and good.