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Here is the form to use for all requests of repair or return from Alkaline Water Plus. Please use care in making any returns for repair or refund. Make sure you have everything that came with the product. We only accept like-new returns. In other words, if you lose anything, including the original packaging, form-fitted foam pieces, protective coverings, etc. it will minimally cost you an extra amount for re-stocking, and we may even not accept the return if we feel the integrity of the product may have been compromised.

Also, (and this is most important) if it doesn't get shipped safely we won't accept it at all. We require what's called the double (over) boxing method of shipping for all returns of water ionizers. This is a great way to ship fragile items like electronics. Place the fully and properly packed product box into a double (over) box (which is basically a sturdy cardboard outer shipping box). The outer shipping box has to be large enough for at least two inches of padding (packing peanuts) on all six sides of the product box. If you omit filling this outer box properly with packing peanuts or if it is otherwise shipped improperly, we will not accept the return. The reason why is that unseen internal damage could occur if you omit the minimum of 2 inches of cushioning layer on all 6 sides within the double (over) box. We cannot resell any machine that may have experienced unseen internal damage from improper shipping.

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