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VitaBath Vitamin C Dechlorination Tablets

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100 Baths!

VitaBath Vitamin C Dechlorination Tablets contain 100% organic, pharmaceutical-grade ascorbic acid, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. [Note: Not for consumption.] This formula will neutralize all of the chlorine and chloramines in your bath. Vitabath dissolves the vitamin C and is then able to mix with your bath very quickly. You can even see it fizz.

One tablet can neutralize 1 ppm chlorine and chloramine in 100 gallons of water. [100 Tablets]

At Alkaline Water Plus we have extensively tested the VitaBath and are very happy with the VitaBath declorination product. VitaBath tablets work on the very same principle that fish-tank owners use to put a declorination tablet into their tank water whenever they change the water in the tank. Another way to remove chlorine from water is to let it sit for a day or two, but who would ever do that for a bath?

Don't let your skin get dried out and damaged by bath water ever again! Get your vitamin C, completely organic, dechlorination tablets today!

More about our discoveries while testing VitaBath Dechlorination tablets:

We can see from lab results that the VitaBath does, indeed, neutralize all of the chlorine and chloramines. Using our pH meter, we also found out that the VitaBath tablets were also capable of lowering the pH of the water significantly. You can see in the following video that just dipping the tablet into a cup of 9.4 pH water instantly changed the pH to 5.5.

What does this mean for your skin and hair?

Skin and hair do not like chlorine at all, so this is great news that the VitaBath will neutralize all of it. But, also skin and hair love a mildly acidic pH, such as 5.5! What happens with a slightly acidic pH is that the hair cuticles and skin pores will close up tightly with this pH! The beauty and health of your skin and hair are going to be far greater with your skin pores and hair cuticles closed. Read more…

Here is our latest video testing the VitaBath Dechlorination Tablets.

* 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin C
* Improve skin and hair.
* Relief from dry, itchy skin
* Meets the dechlorination requirements of the US EPAs Clean Water Act.
* Environmentally safe.
* Contains a nutrient which is essential for the health.
* 100% organic

Vitamin C dechlorination is used in EPA and APHA methods for the dechlorination of lab samples. It is even used in dialysis, to ensure no chlorinated water enters the veins. It is quite safe for the fish tank to dechlorinate that water [use one tablet per 100 gallons of water]. For fine washables or sensitive skin these tablets can also be used in the rince cycle of your laundry!

Store at room temperature; Avoid excessive heat and moisture.