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Vitamin C Shower Filter by Radiant Wash


Everyone needs the Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter!

Neutralizing the chlorine in your water on contact, the Radiant Wash Vitamin C Shower filter will significantly improve the condition of your skin and texture of your hair. [Shower head not included] Main features:

  • Capable of working continuously up to 100 hours, regardless of the flow rate or quality of your water, and performs effectively in cold, warm and hot water.
  • Completely neutralizes all chlorine and chloramine molecules; preventing the molecules from being inhaled and absorbed into your body.
  • 100% organic.
  • Can effectively de-chlorinate over 20,000 gallons of water.
  • Works with all standard size pipes and shower heads.
  • Was evaluated by Western Analytical Laboratories, Inc. (WAL). WAL has been fully certified by the State of California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.
  • Boosts the immune system while improving skin and hair
  • Vitamin C is a natural substance that removes chlorine from water very quickly and turns it into chloride (which is a healthy substance).There have been studies that say vitamin C can be absorbed through your skin and that absorption it is a very good way to get it.
Features Benefits
What is Wrong with other Shower Filters? Radiant Wash works as well in hot or cold water, but most other shower filters don't. It also shows exceptional performance in dirty water where other filters have issues.
What is Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter's filtering material? Each Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter contains 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin-C. The Vitamin-C used in a Radiant Wash filter is 100% natural and is an excellent source of Vitamin-C for strengthening and improving the condition of your body, skin and hair.
How does Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter remove chlorine and chloramines from water? Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter utilizes ascorbic acid chemistry for de-chlorination. Vitamin-C does not hold the chlorine; it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound. In more simple terms, Vitamin-C changes chlorine and chloramine from things that can cause harm to your body to things that cause NO HARM to your body.
Has Vitamin-C ever been used to de-chlorinate water? Yes. Vitamin-C de-chlorination has a lengthy and proven history. It has been used by the EPA for the de-chlorination of lab samples. In the medical industry, it is the standard for critical applications such as dialysis, where the introduction of chlorinated water would be catastrophic.
Is the Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter easy to install? Yes. Simply install the filter between your shower head and the wall outlet.
How do I know when to change the shower filter? Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filters have a transparent window under the filter. You can actually see the Vitamin-C crystals through this window. Once all of the Vitamin-C crystals have dissolved, your filter is good for one additional month. This is the time to order your next filter.
What is the warranty of the Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filter? Vitashower SF-1 Vitamin C Shower Filters come with a one year warranty against any defects in the filter case. Your filter will last at least six months, depending on the size of your family.