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PureDrip Bacteria/Heavy-Metal Gravity Water Filter


The PureDrip Bacteria/Heavy-Metal Gravity Water Filter  is a 4-stage, portable, gravity-fed comprehensive water filtration system. The PureDrip is the only stand-alone, gravity water filter system which meets EPA requirements for bacteria and protozoa and has the highest bacteria removal rate of any gravity water filter on the market.

The PureDrip Makes Even River and Lake Water Drinkable!

Even from lake and river water, the PureEasy PureDrip, 4-Stage Bacteria/Heavy-Metal Gravity Water Filter will obtain 99.99% Removal of Pathogenic Bacteria!

This large 8-gallon water filter system is sold to the Red Cross and other NGO organizations for use in emergency situations, such as earthquakes and floods. It provides a ready, convenient and ample source of purified water to travelers, campers, field expeditions, homes and offices.

The PureEasy PureDrip Gravity Water Filter filters 2 1/2 gallons at a time in the upper bin and stores up to 4 gallons in the lower [filtered] storage bin. No matter where you live and how large your group, you need not ever run out of clean, naturally purified drinking water.

Perfect for Your Family or Group's Disaster Preparedness!

This fantastic stand-alone water filtration system does not rely on water pressure! Therefore it is the perfect back-up system for any family wishing to ensure an ongoing, potable water supply in the event of disaster.

BPA Free!

The PureDrip Filter system is completely BPA free and made with food-grade AS and ABS plastics.

Outstanding, Patented, Dual-Ceramic Filters!

The PureEasy Filter Systems use an extraordinary design and dual-ceramic casings to their filters which remove all sediment, rust, etc. and clarify the water to beautiful, pure-looking levels before that water even goes through the carbon and other filter layers. What this means is better taste, clarity of water and a much longer filter life.

The outer layer of the dual-ceramic catches all of the impurities in the water down to .5 microns, and won't let it enter the filter. If the filter slows down over time, then the sediment collected on the ceramic filter can be lightly scrubbed off, allowing you to extend the life of the filter by at least twice that of a plastic-cased or fiber-cased filter of its kind.

The PureEasy PureDrip 4-Stage Gravity Water Filter purifies the water of all harmful toxins but allows the healthy minerals and trace elements through.

Here is What the PureEasy 4-Stage PureDrip Gravity Filter Will Remove:

Stage 1 Unique Dual Ceramic Membranes Cartridge

Removes 99.99% Pathogenic bacteria (E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Vibrio cholerae, Legionella pneumophila, 100% Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other parasites, particle contaminates).

Stage 2 Activated Carbon

Removes unpleasant tastes, chemicals and odors. Note: The carbon in these filters will remove chlorine or chloramine if it's in the water.

Stage 3 Nano-Metal Clusters Media (NMC)

Removes residual chlorine, heavy metal ions (Pb2+, Cd2+, Cr6+) etc. and inhibits bacterial growth. This is some of the best filter media there is to remove chemicals, toxins and heavy=metals from the water.

Stage 4 This media box removes:

Excess hardness, heavy metal ions such as Pb2+, Cd2+, Cr6+, etc., fluoride and arsenic.


PureEasy Filter Systems are Long Lasting!

The C-1 ceramic is designed to remove every spec of bacteria, fungus, algae, sediment etc. from the water. It will occasionally clog if there is heavy sediment or dissolved solids in the water. If this happens you can clean the C-1 ceramic to renew it if at any time the filter's flow-rate slows down. The cleaning pad is included. Use care when doing this, because the ceramic can break.


Here's How to Assemble the PureEasy Pure Drip Gravity Filter System

  1. Remove the parts from the box and spread them out so you have easy access.
  2. Assemble the spout to the clear plastic bin as follows:
    • Put the threads through the hole under the bin with the washer on there.
    • In other words, the washer is not going inside the bin; it's going outside.
    • Reach inside the bin with the nut, and screw down tightly.
  3. Place the clear plastic bin onto its stand, as pictured in (03).
  4. Place the framework onto the top of the clear plastic bin (04).
  5. Very carefully screw the 4 ceramic filters into the other bin (06 & 07). The washers will go inside that bin.
  6. Tighten each of these down, tightly, as you put them in (using the provided nuts).
  7. Install the media-box filter under this bin (05 & 08).
  8. Insert the assembled upper bin with filters into the framework of the clear plastic bin (09).
  9. Place the lid on top (10).

PureEasy Pure Drip Gravity Filter Assembly Instructions

The PureEasy Filter System After-Installation Directions

  1. The filters should be "flushed" and here's how:
    • Fill the upper bin with water and then let it pour through.
    • If the water is coming out clear at that point, then you're done. If not, then repeat and it will be clear then.
  2. If the water doesn't filter through, first check to make sure you filled the upper bin as high as it can go. The more water in the upper bin, the greater pressure there is to push the water through the tiny pores of the ceramic filter. 
  3. If it still doesn't filter, or is way too slow of a flow, the ceramic will need to be washed a little (follow instructions above). This may happen at first when the filters aren't "worn in" yet.
  4. The filters should be changed every 2,000 gallons for the average water quality.

The PureEasy Company

PureEasy is an award-winning company and was founded by senior water treatment experts. The PureEasy company owns several patented, world-leading technologies in the water treatment industry. Their ceramic filters are used by the Red Cross to bring potable water to third-world countries. Learn more: https://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/pureeasy-filter-systems/ They are located near GuangZhou, China.