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H2 Series UltraWater Replacement Filter-Set (With Extra Fluoride Removal)


The H2 Series UltraWater Replacement Filter-Set is for the Athena H2, Vesta H2 and Melody H2 water ionizers. The UltraWater filter is rated for 1,000 gallons, and the Fluoride Shield filter is rated for 500 gallons. This "Annual Replacement 3-Pack" has 1 UltraWater plus 2 Fluoride filters, so you are fully covered for 99.99% of all contaminants, including fluoride removal for about a year.

Change UltraWater filters at least once yearly and Fluoride Shield filters twice a year.

The H2 Series UltraWater Replacement Filter-Set is our highest quality filter system, and will remove the important impurities necessary (including extra Fluoride removal) prior to ionizing, giving you crystal-clear and clean ionized water. 

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