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Scale Guard Insert: Set of 2

Usually ships in 24 hours.

Scale Guard Inserts are a wonderful invention! They drop right into your Jupiter Classic Athena water ionizer's mineral port, eliminating in-line installation of an anti-scaling device. The inserts are easy to use. All you need to do is open the calcium insert cap at the top of your ionizer, remove the clear plastic cap on the Scale Guard Insert basket, place it inside of the calcium cap, and insert it back into your ionizer. Your ionizer is then protected!  [Set of 2]

How can I know when to change the inserts?  Usually Scale Guard Inserts are replaced every 6 months, making this set of two last a year.

The Scale Guard Inserts have a cumulative effect in your ionizer - as long as you change the insert regularly you are protected.

When changing inserts, it's normal to see residual media inside the insert baskets – although the media will not dissolve completely, it will start to lose its effectiveness, so after 6 months you should change it.

Who can benefit from the new Scale Guard Inserts?
If your levels are over 181 ppm, there are other means of scale prevention that would better suit your needs.

Scale Guard Inserts are only for Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer, which has a mineral port.