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Natural, Healthy Anti-Scale Crystals: Bulk

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Anti-Scale Crystals are safe, natural, NSF certified filter media. This media is healthy for you too, and can be easily placed into the mineral basket of your water ionizer or if you don't have a mineral port you can use an exteral mineral port for it. The anti-scale crystals are commonly referred to as siliphos crystals and are made from a healthy, natural extract of the milk thistle plant. These anti-scale crystals interact with dissolved calcium in water, making the calcium less sticky.

Siliphos is a natural substance, certified to be food-grade and 100% safe for use in water filtration systems. Many people actually take Siliphos as a natural liver support supplement, so it really is a very healthy substance and quite effective to use as anti-scale media.

The Anti-Scale Crystals are used in many water-treatment applications, and have been proven over the years to be highly effective at inhibiting damaging buildup from mineral scale. It is important to protect the investment of a water ionizer by doing what you can to eliminate scale inside it. Anti-scale crystals are my favorite way to protect my water ionizer from hard-water damage.

Our Anti-Scale Crystals are just the right size to put into your water ionizer's mineral basket [if it has one] or into the exteral mineral port.

Each ounce of Anti-Scale Crystals will fill 2-3 average-sized mineral basket refills of Scale-Guard. With Anti-Scale Crystals a little goes a long way, giving you great anti-scale protection for your water ionizer. One 4-oz package should last anywhere between 1 to 2 years.

[Note: If you want even stronger anti-scale protection, get the the external EOS: Elimination of Scale Device. It will give you over 10x the anti-scale capability and is quite economical as well. Either way, it pays to protect your water ionizer from scale build-up using natural anti-scale crystals.]

Size of bag: 4 oz.