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How & Why to Test & Regulate Body PH

July 19, 2012 | Alkaline Water

Why Test & Regulate Body PH?

ph-in-blood-and-around-cellsOur cells must be constantly bathed in slightly alkaline pH water in order to be hydrated and cleansed. In order to draw acid waste products out of cells the blood needs to be alkaline. In fact maintaining a state of 7.365 pH [which is slightly alkaline] in the blood is a matter of life and death. When our cells’ wastes can’t get eliminated properly, we get illnesses [colds, allergies, diabetes, obesity, acne, indigestion, headaches, and cancer]. The SAD (Standard American Diet) truth is that we tend to eat too many acidic foods and drink too many acidic drinks in this country!

How to Test Body PH

There is a very simple way to test your body pH. You can ealily and inexpensively test both your pH and saliva with these simple steps. The scientifically callibrated pH paper is relatively inexpensive and well worth it to purchase.

Here’s how to test saliva The goal would be somewhere around 7.1 or 7.2 [7.2 is perfect] for saliva pH

1. Get a white plastic spoon or plate.
2. Wiggle tongue around in mouth to stimulate saliva. When you get a good amount, about a tablespoon’s-worth, then waist that [just spit it in the sink]. Then do that again and this time spit into the spoon or plate.
3. Using scissors, cut about 1/4 inch of the pH paper. And put this in the saliva.
4. Match the color with the chart on the pH paper container.

This is a quick video demo of me taking my own saliva pH

Here’s how to test urine pH. The goal would be somewhere around 6.8 for urine pH

For urine, you would pee in a cup and using a tweezers dip the 1/4 inch piece of paper for about a second. Match the color to the chart as in the saliva test.

How to Regulate Body PH

If you don’t consume enough alkalizing foods and at the same time consume too many acidic foods your cells will tend to retain the acid waste products plus your body will try to compensate for the deficiency by robbing your bones and joints of calcium! Most people eat about 80% meat, dairy, and grains/starches and 20% salads and other vegetables. The top nutritional experts in the field of balancing the body pH advise the opposite: 80% salads and other vegatables and 20% meat, dairy and grains. The point with this article is that any measures you take to eat more of alkalizing foods and less of acidifying foods will be an improvement. On top of that I have found for myself that drinking several glasses of ionized water every day gives me the ability to have a perfect body pH even though I am not very perfect at eating alkalizing foods all the time. I personally follow more of a 50%/50% ratio of alkalizing vs. acidic foods in my diet, but I drink over a gallon of ionized water daily to make up for it.

Alkalizing Foods to Eat More of: There are quite a few foods that will help to alkalize your body. Most raw vegetables (especially green ones) and many fruits will. Cooked vegetables and fruits on the other hand are not as good. Cold pressed olive oil, sesame and safflower oils, raw almonds, seeds, and of course ionized water.

Acidifying Foods to Limit or Avoid: Foods that contribute to body acidity are:  meat, corn, corn products, dairy, soft drinks, coffee, Gatoraid and other drink-aids, grains, starches, and of course most “junk food”.

What Happens to Your Cells if the Acid Wastes Can’t be eliminated?

Recently I’ve been experimenting with storing apple slices in alkaline ionized water verses tap water and acidic water. I wanted to simulate what may be happening inside our bodies when the acidic wastes get trapped in the cells. The following are some videos showing this testing. When stored in ionized water the apple slices maintained their good taste and firm texture. When stored in tap water, they maintained their firm texture, but tasted bitter. When stored in acidic water, the apple slices rotted.

After over 17 years of drinking alkaline ionized water, I can say

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