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Citric Acid for Cleaning Hard Water Scaling


You can clean your water ionizer of all scale by doing a vinegar-wash or a citric acid wash. Citric acid is a little milder, safer and less smelly to use than vinegar.  Only certain water ionizer companies sanction the use of vinegar in doing an internal washing-out of the water cell [i.e., only Jupiter and Nexus to my knowledge], so it's probably a little safer to choose a citric acid over a vinegar wash for periodic water ionizer internal cleaning.

When it comes to caring for your ionizer only the best will do. This is the safest most effective form of citric acid there is. This citric acid is the highest quality and is food grade so there are no concerns of unsafe residues left in the ionizer after cleaning.

Another use for this citric acid is to put a few teaspoons in each bath! Citric acid will help to bring down the pH of your bath water into a better, more typical of "beauty-water", range for washing of hair and skin.

1 Pound Bag