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Trustlex ENH-2000 Molecular Hydrogen H2 Meter

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The Trustlex ENH-2000 Molecular Hydrogen H2 Meter (dissolved hydrogen tester) is the newest Trustlex Hydrogen Meter. It is even more accurate than the Trustlex ENH-1000, which was the standard in measuring dissolved Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen) in water for over 10 years.  

The electrode of the ENH-2000 Trustlex H2 Meter was developed for detecting dissolved hydrogen during laboratory/medical research of patients consuming molecular hydrogen enriched (ionized) water. Trustlex is a Japanese company and produces their equipment in a factory in Taiwan. The Trustlex machine is medical testing equipment. It should last many, many years, with the proper care and use.


  • Remove protective film over the display by scratching on the top/left of the panel until a bit of the film comes free and can be peeled off.
  • Measures the concentration of molecular hydrogen (dissolved hydrogen antioxidants), either as parts per billion or parts per million.
  • Trustlex ENH-2000 can measure 0-2000 ppb of H2. 
  • Accuracy: +/- 10%
  • Uses 4 lithium coin cell batteries (installed). Consumes very little electricity.
  • Automatically turns off after 10 minutes.
  • The sensor tip part might need to be periodically cleaned to maintain accurate measurements. 
  • This is a special sensor for detecting dissolved hydrogen in water. It consists of two sensors which work together to accurately calculate the dissolved hydrogen content of the water.
  • This is not just an ORP meter. An ORP meter has only one sensor and so cannot differentiate types of hydrogen content.
  • This meter is mentioned by name by researchers in several articles on molecular hydrogen research (see links below).
  • Do not use in hot liquids, juice or tea. 
  • Dimension of box: 9.4 x 8.3 x 2.2 inches

To use this electrode with alkaline ionized water you need to keep the platinum tip slightly moist, but oxidized (exposed to the air) in between uses. It's best to rinse the tip with distilled water after measuring mineral rich water. You should also make sure that the sensor cap contains a little bit of sensor solution and it is stored horizontally as the instructions state. You will need to do light polishing of the electrode from time to time in order to maintain accuracy. Even when you first get the product it requires a little polishing for greatest accuracy (polishing strips included).

Sensor Solution:

The Trustlex ENH-2000 comes with a little bit of sensor solution in the protective sensor cap. You should not need to refill that for several weeks unless you spill it. When you refill it, just fill up to about ¼ inch of solution in that cap. Do not over-fill. The sensor does not need to be immersed in this solution. The little bit of moisture inside the cap helps to keep the sensor pads inside the sensor tip from drying out. After each use return the sensor cap to its position over the sensor tip and store the Trustlex horizontally on a flat surface.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Trustlex ENH-2000 you may return it within 10 days of receipt if you haven’t opened the sensor solution bottle and haven’t damaged, lost or changed in any way any of the accessories, case, or packaging. Note: Shipping both ways and a 5% restocking fee will apply

If you experience difficulty with your Trustlex meter within the first year, contact your U.S. dealer. Make sure to have your receipt handy. support@alkalinewaterplus.com


The reason Alkaline Water Plus stands behind the Trustlex Molecular Hydrogen H2 Meter (and only the Trustlex) hydrogen meter is "TRUST". I'm sure that seems corny, but that is just a fact. The Trustlex meter is not a glorified ORP meter. It is very different. It has two sensors, and the flat one senses the water quality so as to give a high level of accuracy to the molecular hydrogen readings. Those who sell drops may have you believe that their product is more accurate. Actually that is not so. I have tested every type of machine (hydrogen gas, hydrogen water and water ionizers) all against each other and with both drops and the Trustlex. With drops on many occasions one test would vary in results from another test with the same machine, level, flow-rate...to where I became suspicious of the drops. Then I closely observed the drop size to vary. I also observed the amount of time after opening the bottle for the drops had an effect on the results. With the Trustlex, though, it is extremely consistent.  We used to sell the drops, so it's not like I don't want the drops to work at all. I also checked out the many research studies, showing molecular hydrogen's medical benefits, and the only form of testing done to determine levels of molecular hydrogen being produced, prior to giving it to patients, was the Trustlex (or at least that's the only one mentioned in all of the research reports. 

  1. We have tried every type of meter, we've tried various drops, but none have been consistent in their ability to measure -- except the Trustlex.
  2. We also haven't seen ANY testing equipment (meters or drops) mentioned in scientific literature (peer-reviewed medical research articles) except the Trustlex. Here is a list of just some of the articles that mention this meter.
    • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4393549/
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    • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4924243/
    • https://www.hindawi.com/journals/omcl/2017/8906027/

How to Care for the Trustlex

Before first use and then periodically polish up the sensor of the Trustlex by:
1. First polish the flat bottom platinum plate on the sensor tip with the provided fine sand paper...just the platinum metal piece (not glass part).
2. After polishing rinse the tip in distilled water.
3. Put the sensor cap on to slow down any drying-out process and protect it. 

How to Get the Best Results With the Trustlex Hydrogen Tester Meter

Both the sensor pad and sensor tip of the Trustlex meter have certain requirements that you need to get used to in order to get the best results with your hydrogen water testing. The pad needs to stay moist. The sensor tip (platinum disc) needs to stay free of any elements. Platinum attracts elements to itself, so this is a challenge. These tips will help you.

  • Do not immerse the sensor tip in the cleaning solution. Just a little bit of the storage solution (for moisture) inside the cap helps to keep the sensor pads inside the sensor tip from drying out.
  • After using the Trustlex meter for testing, take the sensor out of the solution as soon as you're done with your test, shake it out, and put it back into storage-position.
  • Storage Position: After each use return the sensor cap to its position over the sensor tip and store the Trustlex horizontally on a flat surface.
  • Any time your hydrogen testing results seem questionable it is probably because the sensor tip (the flat disc made of platinum) needs cleaning.
  • If you just cleaned the sensor tip not too long ago, try a light polishing of the tip with just the pad of your thumb or finger. If that doesn't work, then polish it with the special paper, as given in the instruction manual.
Comes with 1 year warranty.