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Vacuum Sealed Stainless Water Bottles: Wide-Mouth Single Bottle


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Nothing Stores Ionized Water Like These Vacuum Sealed Stainless Water Bottles!

Our double-walled, food grade/commercial grade, BPA-free, high-quality vacuum sealed stainless water bottles are the perfect storage containers for alkaline ionized water or Kangen water. They make perfect thermoses and sports bottles too!

Storing ionized water is a challenge! We’ve had customers asking us about ionized water storage for years, and before these vacuum stainless steel water bottles we could only recommend mason jars. Most bottles will not work well to store ionized water, because there needs to be no air bubble to let the anti-oxidants within the alkaline water escape. But, with this great water bottle the plunger-lid pushes into the opening and forces all the air out just before hitting the O-ring and sealing it, water and air-tight. The special double-walled stainless with a vacuum sealed inbetween prevents any escape of Hydrogen or ORP through the walls of the water bottle as well.

After years of testing, Alkaline Water Plus can safely say that your pH and ORP will remain at almost freshly-poured levels all day long using these vacuum insulated water bottles! They are hands-down the best water bottles we've ever tested.

Just fill the waterbottles to just above the inner "lips", screw on the lids and go! Hours later you can open and drink great, refreshing, ionized water! These bottles provide an effective way to carry your ionized water and keep it as good as when you first poured it. The fact that they're thermos water bottles is also a plus. Being double-walled, with a vacuum seal inbetween, makes them the best thermal-insulated water bottles money can buy.

In all of our years of testing we have never found a water bottle that stores ionized water as well as our vacuum-sealed stainless water bottles.


Why do these Vacuum Sealed Stainless Bottles preserve the ionization so well?

It has to do with 1) the high-quality materials and design which won't allow any gasses to escape, 2) the specially-designed lid which doesn't trap air in the bottle, and 3) the vacuum seal.

Each bottle holds 3/4-liter [or about 24 oz.]

Wide-Mouth Bottle Design

With our wide-mouth bottle design it's perfect for adding ice to your bottled alkaline ionized water. Keep in mind you can also use these sports water bottles for storing anything hot, cold or neutral for up to 24 hours with very little change in temperature.

Care of Water Bottles

It is not suggested to use a dishwasher or harsh detergents with these bottles, because you may damage the exterior finish. A gentle, easy wash with mild temperature water is all you will ever need.

How Long Will These Stainless, Thermal Water Bottles Last?

Theoretically these bottles will last a lifetime if you take good care of them. They will not rust or degrade, and the care of them is very easy-to-do.

Is a Metal Water Bottle Safe for Storing Ionized Water?

According to our water ionizer engineers...absolutely! But, only the highest-quality stainless steel will do. Lab tests show storing, alkaline ionized water in our #304 [commercial-food-grade] stainless is safe. See below for a link to lab results of storing ionized water for several days in these vacuum stainless bottles. It shows excellent results, with no toxins, whatsoever, getting into the water.

What if Water Hardness Forms a Layer of Calcium inside the Water Bottle?

No worries! That is one of the glorious things about these commercial/food-grade water bottles. You never have to worry that your bottle will start to look like it has a white film on the inside of it. Why? Because you can't see through these water bottles. The outside is painted as hard as the enamel of a car, so with careful use it will always stay shiny and good-looking. But, is the whitish calcium-film harmful? Not at all. Having a layer of calcium inside your water bottle is like having an extra layer of healthiness for your water. Calcium is a healthy mineral and most people don't get enough of it.


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