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High-Rich Extra: Hydrogen Water Machine for Drinking and Inhaling

Usually ships in 24 hours.

The High-Rich Extra is the Basic High-Rich II Machine, but it also comes with many extras:

  • The latest High-Rich-2 Hydrogen Water Machine
  • The inhaler lid
  • A cannula
  • (Optional) A small glass cup, which is the perfect size for use as an inhaler.

The High-Rich Extra is the same as the regular High Rich II machine, except an inhaler piece and cannula are included. These pieces allow you to have the option to use the High-Rich machine as a portable inhaler. A special lid and cannula come with the High Rich Extra to use it this way. When your High-Rich machine is pumping molecular hydrogen into your drinking water you can use the special lid & cannula to breathe in any excess hydrogen gas that is produced.  

Is the High-Rich as strong as a big hydrogen gas generator for inhaling?

No, it's not made for that purpose. The excess hydrogen gas that gets through is a very small amount compared to a big H2-inhaler. We don't claim you will even get measurable amounts of hydrogen to inhale this way. The main purpose of the High-Rich machine is to produce strong levels of antioxidant-rich, hydrogen-water. 

The High-Rich is a portable device, and is good for inhaling while it is working to make hydrogen water. If you plan to do regular H2 gas inhaling and want the maximum levels of H2 gas as you inhale, we suggest you purchase one of our awesome hydrogen gas machines.

Why is High-Rich So Special and Strong for Hydrogen Water Production?

The High-Rich machine has a special membrane which pumps pure hydrogen into the water and at the same time pumps out chlorine, oxygen and oxides. This is significant in improving the health-quality of your water, because it removes chlorine and oxygen while at the same time produces the highest possible concentration of hydrogen antioxidants you can get without using a hyperbolic chamber.



The SPE-PEM membrane, which is the heart of the High-Rich machines, is made by DuPont in the USA. DuPont uses platinum in their electrodes and their own patented SPE/PEM membranes for the finest quality and most efficient hydrogen pumping techniques in the world. The rest of the machine is made in a highly-certified factory in China. DuPont actually trains the engineers for this.

Definition of SPE-PEM Membrane:

  • SPE is referring to the quality of the water produced (in this case: negatively charged water). [Note: SPE stands for solid polymer electrolyte. A polymer is a multi-unit structure where all the units are similar to each other. An electrolyte is a liquid which contains ions (charged particles).] 
  • The Proton exchange membrane (PEM) is basically a special membrane developed by DuPont to create an environment of electrolysis where hydrogen rich water is created in a healthier way than the normal 2 or more plate hydrogen pumps to date are using. With PEM technology some unhealthy elements are removed by way of this special membrane. 

The Benefits of a High-Rich Machine:

  • Filtration: Most portable Molecular Hydrogen Machines are unable to do much filtration, but because the High Rich pumps out the Chlorine and Ozone, you get this level of filtration as an extra important benefit.
  • The antioxidants in the High-Rich Hydrogen Water Machine are the highest quality (medical grade) of molecular hydrogen. For more information about the benefits of molecular hydrogen read this page:
  • The taste of the High-Rich water is improved over regular tap water, because of the chlorine and ozone removal.

Note: The High-Rich water machine does not change the pH of the water. For drinking water, use water with a neutral or above pH. For beauty-water (on the skin) use water with an acidic pH.

There is always a small amount of water in the machine when it arrives to you. The special membrane must be kept moist. Keep the plastic seal just in case you want to store the machine for a while and you don't want the membrane to dry out. [Please read the section, below, about keeping the membrane moist.] 

Also note that each High-Rich machine receives factory testing to ensure quality. 

Demo of the High-Rich Inhaler (Molecular Hydrogen coming through the Cannula)

I've tested the molecular hydrogen levels coming through the cannula many times. Here is a snip-it of that. It takes 2-3 minutes for Hydrogen to start flowing through the tube. Once that happens it will vary (up and down) at first, but fairly quickly the molecular hydrogen levels go off the charts as shown in this video.


Demo of the High-Rich Machine (Producing Molecular Hydrogen in the Water)


  • Plate Materials: Pure Platinum Coated over Pure Titanium.
  • Rechargeable battery, lasts for 10-20 uses between charging.
  • Holds about 10 oz.

Instructions for Use and Care:

Refer to the regular High-Rich product page for instructions about how to care for the High-Rich machine.

Instructions for Using the Inhaler:

  1. Fill the cup with any water, but preferably not too hard and not ionized water*.
  2. Leave some space at the top (about a half-inch).
  3. Screw on the special inhaler lid fairly tightly.
  4. Push the end of the cannula over the port at the top of the inhaler lid.
  5. Set the machine down on a flat surface to ensure it engages the automatic pressure release valve.
  6. Turn the machine on.
  7. Put the cannula over your head and insert the nose pieces loosly.
  8. Adjust the tightness for your comfort.
  9. Breathe comfortably through your nose.
  10. When the cycle is done, you may ether drink the water or push the button for a second cycle before drinking. Note: It will take a couple of minutes to build up enough pressure inside the machine to force the hydrogen out through the cannula, but you may start breathing right away.

Certification: CE, EMC, FDA,LVD

Warranty: 1 year with normal use as described on this page.