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Ionized Water Remedies

Ionized Water Remedies

Ionized Water Remedies - For All Kinds Of Ailments!

The following “ionized water remedies” are a collection of tried-and-true reasons to drink alkaline ionized water every day. Many people have experienced enhanced self-healing abilities when drinking ionized water and have had a collective input into creating this page. Also, visit our Success Stories page to see these actual testimonials. They're tremendous!

Alkaline Ionized Water And Acid Reflux

If you experience acid-reflux, ionized water will most likely soothe it. Many people have reported that drinking ionized water remedies or prevents acid-reflux. For more information about the stomach visit our Digestion page.

Alkaline Ionized Water And Allergies

Ionized water remedies and prevents colds and air-borne allergies. For me, allergies and colds are a thing of the past. Many other people have reported similar stories. In the beginning, at the slightest sign of a cold/allergy symptom, I would drink a full 32-ounce bottle of ionized water. Shortly after the symptoms would disappear. Ionized water, with its abundance of natural antioxidants [active hydrogen — with health-giving negatively charged electrons], can provide protection from colds and allergies. The alkalinity boost of alkaline ionized water helps the body to detox, which is something I've found is related to relief from allergies.

Alkaline Ionized Water And Bowel Cleansing

Dr. Shinya (inventor of the colonoscopy) has done considerable work to demonstrate that ionized water remedies bowel dysfunctions, irritations and other intestinal disorders. Ionized water and bowel cleansing go hand-in-hand. You can see more about Dr. Shinya’s work on this page: Ionized Water and Digestion The Japanese have been using ionized water to remedy peptic ulcers, stomach problems and intestine/bowel problems for about 50 years. These types of conditions were among the original uses for ionized water. 

Alkaline Water And Cancer, Diabetes & Other Diseases

I have personally known two people and there are many, many other people, that I don’t personally know, who claim that ionized water remedies cancer. I have not personally run tests regarding this and am not sure how alkaline water would affect cancer. I think switching to a more alkaline diet in general [see General Health section below] would also be warranted. There are no guarantees and the real solution is to not get cancer in the first place. Drinking ionized water can definitely help with prevention of cancer and other diseases. See the Water Ionizer Testimonials/Success Stories page to read more, or check out my articles: Alkaline Water and Cancer & Diabetes and Other Diseases.

Alkaline Water And The Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system is benefited greatly from anti-oxidants. Ionized water remedies the all-too-common free-radical damage that occurs within blood-vessel walls. Ionized water, with its abundance of natural antioxidants [water molecules which contain extra, negatively charged electrons] is the most natural, healthy, simple anti-oxidant you can put in your body. Drinking fresh ionized water all day long can provide protection for the cardiovascular system and other organs of the body all day long. I have personally seen spider veins disappear when I started drinking ionized water from the Athena Water Ionizer. Also see the section on this page called “General Health – Antioxidants”.

Alkaline Water And Cold Symptoms

With a good water ionizer, I can predict that you will soon find ionized water remedies colds and air-borne allergies. With its abundance of natural antioxidants [water molecules which are abundantly saturated with negatively charged electrons], alkaline water can provide protection from colds and allergies. If you experience cold symptoms including sinus pressure, swollen glands, fever, coughing, runny nose, sneezing, and congestion, I suggest drinking lots of ionized water to get the cold to pass quickly. I almost never get a cold. I used to get lots of colds before drinking ionized water, fewer when I got my first water ionizer, but now I almost never get a cold since I switched to the Athena Water Ionizer. Note: If you are new to drinking ionized water, I suggest you read the section on new users.

Alkaline Water And Dental Issues [Cavities]

Ionized water remedies tooth decay. I have not had a cavity since I started drinking ionized water. Prior to this, I am going to say I've had about 20-thousand dollars worth of dental treatment in my life. But, since I've been drinking ionized water my check-ups are so great that I get remarks from both the dentist and assistant every single year. The alkalinity provided by sipping ionized water all day long is very good for your mouth and teeth. Obviously, one needs to brush, floss, etc., but even with all that I used to get cavities fairly frequently in the years before I started drinking ionized water. I have had many customers tell me the same thing, including a few dentists, who have water ionizers set up right in their office-spaces.

Alkaline Water And Diabetes

Ionized water remedies blood sugar issues. I personally know several people with diabetes who get better blood-sugar readings due to drinking ionized water. Dr. Robert Young has also done an extensive amount of work with diabetic patients. I highly recommend his book, “PH Miracle,” for more information on this vital topic. Diabetics have the primary issue of high-blood sugars to remedy, but in addition they have tons of other related conditions that happen as a side-effect of their condition. Read more about how alkaline ionized water can help diabetics extend their lives and improve their quality of life immensely.

Alkaline Water And Ear Wax

Ionized water remedies ear wax build up if you drink enough of it. If you have excess ear wax, I suggest that you drink ionized water daily. I have a family history of excess ear wax, but I have found that when I drink the right amount of ionized water daily, over a gallon a day, my ears stay clear of wax buildup.

Alkaline Water And Remedying A Lack Of Energy

Ionized water remedies lack of energy. I have had personal experience and have been told by friends and customers many times that ionized water definitely helps you have more energy. Workouts done shortly after drinking ionized water go much more smoothly. Additionally, I have received numerous reports that drinking ionized water increases energy for daily activities.

Alkaline Water And General Health Improvement Through Antioxidants

Ionized water, with its abundance of natural antioxidants [water molecules which contain extra, negatively charged electrons] is the most natural, healthy, simple antioxidant you can put in your body. Read more about the power of the antioxidants in ionized water to help prevent and even reverse disease. Drinking fresh ionized water all day long can provide protection for the cardiovascular system and other organs of the body. I have personally seen spider veins disappear when I started drinking ionized water from a Water Ionizer. Some water ionizers are better than others for producing the amount of antioxidants that are in the drinking levels of ionized water. See more about this on my Water Ionizer Comparison page.

Note: If you cannot get your ionized water fresh as a regular routine [which probably most people can’t], then read on. The idea is to keep these tiny electrons from escaping! I’ve done many, many long-term tests on storing ionized water and have found the following to be the best way to retain the anti-oxidants in your ionized water: 1) I have found containers that will store the pH and ORP of ionized water perfectly, even for over a day. Here is the link for those: Vacuum Sealed Bottles, 2) Fill it to where you know there will be no air pockets. This procedure traps the antioxidants in.

Ionized Water And Hair [Split Ends And Loss Of Shine]

Using acidic water on your hair can greatly improve your hair’s health and shine. I have also experienced benefits from taking zinc and trace minerals to maintain the youthful, natural color of my hair as well. Many people claim that using a shower filter helps with improving your hair’s health and shine too. To read more about improving the health and beauty of your hair, read this article Beauty-Tips.

Ionized Water As A Headache Remedy

Ionized water remedies headaches. Headaches can stem from many diverse sources. However, I have found that when I keep my ionized water intake over a gallon every day that I have no headaches ever, despite the fact that I used to get them periodically.

Kidney & Liver Conditions

Many people, my customers among them, have claimed that their liver and kidney conditions improved with the help of ionized water. I have also included some peer-reviewed research abstracts, below, showing that ionized water has a healing-effect on the kidneys and liver.

New Users

If you are new to drinking ionized water and acquire cold symptoms after you begin drinking it, this may mean that you are experiencing too much detox [detoxification]. Don’t be too over-zealous when you are just getting started drinking ionized-water. This could shock your bladder or other systems and produce cold symptoms, symptoms of a urinary tract infection, or other manifestations that are simply a signal that your body is detoxifying. If you do get any non-optimum symptoms and you are a new drinker of ionized water, then I suggest reducing the alkalinity of your ionized water to the lowest alkaline water level possible [such as a pH of 8 by measurement using your pH test kit] and drink lots of it. The symptoms should subside quickly when you do this. If they don’t, then I suggest mixing filtered water [neutral setting] with the lowest level of alkaline water to achieve a pH of about 7.5 until your symptoms are completely gone. When you start increasing alkalinity, do it more slowly.

Overcoming Obesity With Ionized Water

Ionized water helps to remedy obesity. Many people don’t realize that obesity is not just based on what you eat, it’s based on the already-existing fat cells that are in your body AND your body pH. Fat cells contain acidic toxins within them. Releasing the fat out of the fat cells could throw your body out of its proper pH-balance. Your fat cells are programmed to NOT release acidic fat into a body that is too acidic. So, unless you address/fix the pH-balance of your body, you could literally starve yourself before you’d lose weight.

In order to lose belly-fat you will need to:

  1. switch your body from being acidic to being alkaline. Ionized water is a very good way to help you do this!
  2. Also, eat a diet high in natural, uncooked vegetables, a moderate amount of lean meat/protein, and the CORRECT fats. This will help you to re-sculpt your body.
  3. The best regimen, in addition to #1 and #2, above, to attack belly-fat that I know of is to do the following routine. I don't know of another routine that actually works.
    1. Drink 12-16 oz. of freshly-poured alkaline ionized water. This will give you an immediately available supply of pH-buffers and antioxidants to allow the belly-fat to safely transport from your body.
    2. Immediately after drinking (above) do a 5-8 minute workout on your abs using the body-shaper ropes. These are the ONLY abs exercises I recommend, because the fat trapped in your belly-muscles will respond to these specific exercises (more on why that is in another article - coming soon).

Read more about ionized water and weight loss. Weight Loss & Beauty-Tips.

Ionized Water And Osteoporosis

Ionized water remedies osteoporosis. When people eat and drink a diet high in acidity over a long period of time, eventually their bodies use their natural abundant stores of alkaline pH buffers. The body will start to rob your joints and bones of their alkaline minerals [mainly calcium] to maintain its slightly alkaline natural state. Over a long period, you will likely eventually develop porous bones. This condition is an extremely dangerous one and there is absolutely NO reason to ever allow this to happen. Drinking lots of ionized water daily will help to provide an ongoing source of alkaline buffers so your body doesn’t rob your bones and joints. It is also recommended to try to put more alkaline foods such as raw vegetables into your diet and less acidic foods.  I have included some peer-reviewed research abstracts, below, showing that ionized water has a good effect on bone-density and helps to remedy osteoporosis.

Ionized Water Remedy For Pimples

Ionized water remedies pimples. Pimples are a symptom that your body needs to detox, causing your skin pores to get clogged up and infected. Drinking a lot of ionized water daily [over a gallon] will really help. Also a temporary alkaline water poultice held on the location will help to open the pore and allow the pus to escape. But after the pimple is on the mend, quickly switch the pH of the poultice to acidic. This is necessary, because you ultimately want your pores to be tightly closed [NOT OPEN] as part of your body’s immune defenses against bacteria and other small invaders.

Ionized Water Remedy For Skin Dryness

Ionized water remedies dry skin. Skin dryness can be caused by many things, but here are some that I’ve learned over the years. 1) Skin dryness can be connected with dehydration. Drinking a good amount of ionized water daily remedies this. 2) Skin dryness could be from over-washing or using drying chemicals on your hands. If you have to wash your hands a lot, try rubbing them gently until your natural skin oils return. 3) Skin dryness is often caused from continued exposure to the wrong pH [for your skin]. Skin needs a slightly acidic pH. Most soaps and shampoos are highly alkaline [to cut through & clean grease]. There is a whole science to skin and hair pH that most people other than beauticians are unaware of. Another contributor to skin dryness is chlorine, read more in this article about why you should get a shower filter.

Ionized Water Remedies Skin Rashes [Eczema]

Ionized water remedies eczema. Many skin rashes such as eczema can be greatly improved or even cured entirely with acidic water. You should not use the lowest pH-level of acidic water for this, just a moderately low pH [such as the acid water that comes out of the bottom hose when you are pouring alkaline ionized drinking water out the top spout]. Either bathe in it, spritz with it or soak a body part in it. I have had several customers who have let me personally know how well the acid water helps their skin. One specific case that is worth noting is the baby girl with such a severe case of eczema that her family was miserable because the baby was miserable all the time, screaming day and night. After a month of regular bathing in acidic water [5 pH] the baby’s skin was better and the family’s sanity was saved! Note: If the skin rash doesn’t respond within a couple of days, see a doctor. Many people in the US have mites or other reasons for skin rashes that only an experienced doctor can diagnose.

Overcoming Sugar Cravings With Ionized Water

Ionized water remedies sugar cravings. Reducing your intake of sugar will eventually help you to overcome sugar cravings. These cravings are based on habit and often have their roots in some sort of malnutrition. Drinking ionized water will assist in the withdrawal from sugar, and so will a diet rich in nutrients. With me, after the holidays, it takes about three days with the help of ionized water to get back into the groove of a healthy diet. The reason ionized water helps is that it helps to bring more usable oxygen and energy to your cells. It helps prevent free radical damage of cells, which could be the result of an undernourished condition.

Ionized Water Improves Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus can plague anyone, but ionized water can improve the condition. Just follow these easy instructions.

  1. Soak toe for 15 minutes in the highest ALKALINE water that your water ionizer can produce. This will open up your pores and make the fungus more accessible to treatment,
  2. Scrub around the cuticle of your toenail and under the nail as far as you can go with a dedicated toothbrush or toenail brush. Also use a scraper tool (such as a small scissors or metal nail file) to scrape out any of the dead skin under the nail.
  3. Cut the nail as short as you can to expose the under-skin as much as possible.
  4. File the nail surface so as to thin it out as much as you can, as fungus-infected nails tend to be thicker than usual. This allows more treatment to get to the fungus below the nail.
  5. Soak toe for another 15-30 minutes, this time in the lowest acidic water. Add apple cider vinegar to the water in a ratio of 1 part vinegar to 10 parts acidic water.
  6. Dry the toe thoroughly.
  7. Put on a new pair of socks or better yet, let the toe be exposed to the air and light as much as you can.
  8. Repeat this procedure daily until the fungus is gone and the nail is grown out and normal again.

If you want to be very aggressive, you can treat the toe twice daily, but in the second treatment use borax mixed into the low acidic water for step 5. (Mix 1 part borax with 10 parts warm to hot acidic water. Borax is found in the laundry section of most supermarkets.)

Ionized Water And Wrinkles

Skin is highly benefited by the use of ionized ACIDIC water. See my page on Water Ionizer Use: Section on Uses of Acid Water/Beauty Water for more on this. Some of your wrinkles could be stemming from skin dryness. If so, see the section above on that. Wrinkles can also be improved by switching to a vitamin C shower filter.

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